Juliet Wu
Juliet Wu

Since 2011, Juliet has become an Executive Coach in China, focusing on 1:1 and team coaching. In 2001/2002 She was elected by Fortune magazine as one of the "World's 50 Most Powerful Business Ladies".


Areas of Expertise


  • Strategic Executive Coaching
  • Board/CEO/Top Level Exec Job &Job-Life balance coaching
  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Coaching Leadership Development
  • Emotional Skill development
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Peer Advisory Board Coaching


Recent Engagements


  • CEO of a multinational company to redefine his role and use his personal strengths to achieve maximum impact within the new formed organisation.
  • CFO of a multinational company in career transition and work life balance planning.
  • 3 CEOs and Founders of small business (10 years / RMB 1-2B) for leadership development, and company strategic planning.
  • 12 High potential executives of a multinational group, for leadership development, and emotional skill development.


Specific Outcomes for Coaching Counterparts


  • Enhanced ability to motivate their team
  • The executives were inspired and met the company's business intention and achieve their individual leadership development plan.
  • Realignment and unity of new transformed executive team.
  • Ability to communicate with authority and confidence in public speeches


Career History


  • Board / CEO / Executive Coach
  • Executives of TCL Group (Group EVP), Microsoft China (GM), IBM (GM, China Channel Operations)
  • Sales, Sales & Channel management, Strategic Planning, General Management


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Completed ACTP courses of ECCP, CPCP; Accredited Level 3 , IECL; And attended other ACTP courses totalling 32 days
  • Attended other coaching courses totalled 22 days, including 4D (Charlie Pellerin), EMT TTT (Emotional Mastery, Tom Stone), etc.
  • Studied 90+ books about business Coaching, Phycology, and other relevant topics.
  • Developed and delivered Coaching Leadership classes for senior management for multinational companies and SMEs.




Juliet was born and grew up in Beijing. She obtained an academic certificate of English Major by self-learning. She started her first job as a nurse, then from janitor to sales, various management positions and to high executives in MNCs and Chinese Company (Channel Ops General Manager IBM China, General Manager Microsoft China, and Exec VP of TCL Group) throughout her business career of 18 years.  She was elected by Fortune magazine as one of the "World's 50 Most Powerful Business Ladies", 2001, 2002.


Juliet started her new career as Executive Coach since 2011 with a focus on Board/CEO/Top Executives in China. She practices 1:1 coaching with executives, team coaching for executive teams, as well as strategic planning facilitation and develops and delivers coaching-leadership courses.  She is also chair coach for peer-advisory boards. Juliet's life long habit of self-motivated learning and vast business experiences enable her to add considerable value to her coaching clients.


Juliet is an executive Independent Director of Board of TCL Multimedia Technology Co. Ltd., A8 New Media Group. (Both are HK listed companies)


She wrote & published Up Against the Wind, Translated & published Banker to the Poor,  <How to Change the World >, <Capitalist 3.0>.