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IECL Philanthropy: Our Work in the Community

IECL works closely with a large community of alumni, clients and partners to make the biggest difference in the world through coaching

Giving back

IECL Alumni are a unique community of people. Many IECL Alumni were drawn to coaching in order to give back after years spent in organisations, where our talents were not necessarily fully utilised or recognised. For many, coaching is a real calling – a vocation in the truest sense of the word. We are drawn to create change and make a difference in the world. And so to also support the communities we live in makes complete sense.

Pro-Bono Coaching

IECL provides Level 2 or Level 3 trained coaches the opportunity to coach at no or low cost into not for profit and other organisations that require the support that coaching can provide. We have previously worked with Mothers Choice (China) and Mothers Heart (Cambodia), Youth Off The Streets, The Smith Family, and the Ted Noffs Foundation (Australia). Recently our Alumni provided low cost coaching to a group of young leaders of FinTech start-ups, where finances are not available for coaching, but coaches are sorely needed.

Philanthropic Activity

IECL are proud to support a number of very worthy causes, events and campaigns, including Mothers Choice (China) and Mothers Heart (Cambodia), Youth Off The Streets, The Smith Family, and the Ted Noffs Foundation (Australia). We look forward to expanding our support to other parts of the world as our alumni community continues to grow.

Career Guidance for Coaches

Senior IECL Alumni are available to talk to you about your coaching practice, future development as a coach, and provide guidance, advice and/or mentoring on what development or training or marketing would be beneficial to you. Email to set up a conversation.


IECL offers a number of Coaching Essentials Level 1 and Level 2 scholarships each year. These scholarships are open to applicants that fit one or more of the following categories:

  • Those experiencing hardship, financial or otherwise,
  • Those working in “not for profit” organisations,
  • Young people (under 35) with exceptional and unrealised leadership skills/potential,
  • First Nations People, and/or
  • New migrants, with a business background in another country.

How to apply for a scholarship

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you should be considered for a scholarship, Email with “Scholarship Application” in the subject line. Please use your cover letter to address which of the scholarship criteria apply to you. We encourage you to apply at any time throughout the year, for immediate consideration. If successful, you may be granted a full or partial scholarship.

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