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IECL Philanthropy: our work in the community

IECL works closely with a large community of alumni, clients and partners to make the biggest difference in the world through coaching.

Giving back

IECL Alumni are a unique community of people. Many were drawn to coaching in order to give back after years spent in organisations, where talents were not necessarily fully utilised, discovered or recognised. For many, coaching is a real calling – a vocation in the truest sense of the word. We are drawn to create change and make a difference in the world. And so to also support the communities we live in makes complete sense.

Pro-bono Coaching

IECL membership allows accredited coaches (Level two and above) the opportunity to coach at no or low cost into not for profit and charitable organisations requiring the unique support that coaching can provide. This is a limited and selective program. Senior leaders of registered small NFP organisations (with an annual budget of US$5 million or less) may apply at any time throughout the year with limited intakes in February, May and August. IECL has previously supported many charitable organisations, young leaders of FinTech organisations and other not for profit initiatives.


IECL are proud to have supported a number of leading NFP's, events and campaigns, including Mothers Choice (China) and Mothers Heart (Cambodia), Youth Off The Streets, The Smith Family, The Make-a-wish Foundation and the Ted Noffs Foundation (Australia). We look forward to expanding our support to other worthy causes as our membership community continues to grow.

Career Guidance for Coaches

IECL Membership provides a supportive community of peers and advisors for your coaching practice, future development as a coach, and guidance, advice and/or mentoring on what development or training or marketing would be beneficial to you. Reflective practice, live coaching demonstrations, industry updates, practice coaching opportunities and networking are just some of the benefits on offer. Displaying a committment to ongoing learning and growth as a coach is an important element of your development and brand as a leader and/or a coach. We have Leadership focused and Coach focused membership communities available and invite you to join us.


On the 25th anniversary of IECL in 2024, we are excited to offer 25 half (50%) scholarships for the Coaching Essentials Level One course throughout the year. There will be three intakes this year with those selected offered 50% off tuition fees for IECL’s renowned Level 1 Certification in Organisational Coaching.

Our first intake is for Indigenous leaders and aspiring Indigenous leaders, opening 1st May and closing on 30th June 2024.

Scholarships Selection Committee

  • Mandy Geddes - Director, Coach Education, IECL.
  • Charity Becker - Head of Coaching and Leader Development, IECL.
  • Carlyn Waters - Kamilaroi woman; Senior Fellow in the Practice of Business, ANU; Assistant Secretary, Australian Public Service.
  • Alain Neher - Associate Head of School & Associate Professor, Charles Sturt University.

How to apply for a scholarship

To apply, please review selection criteria and, if aligned, please complete the form below. If you do not fit the criteria, please DO NOT APPLY. NFP's may apply for our Pro-bono Program here. Aspiring Coaches may view our public coach training courses here. All leaders who wish to adopt a coaching approach may join our membership.

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