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True leadership is determined by effective communication between leaders and their employees. We create tailored leadership programs to develop the skills within your people to ensure productive communication and quality relationships between leaders, teams and individuals.

What outcomes are you seeking?

At IECL, we help organisations to reach the people and business outcomes they are looking to achieve. Clients tap into our advice, support, products and programs to uncover the potential in individuals, teams and the entire organisational system in order to achieve those goals. Choose your desired outcome to see how we can help you achieve them

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Coaching Solutions

Individual Coaching

Coaching for specific applications

Group Coaching

IECL has a reputation for selecting exceptional coaches who produce exceptional results. Coaching is a wise investment; a highly effective way to facilitate different thinking and new action which in turn creates dynamic, high performing organisations. The world's leading organisations engage external coaches to accelerate the development of their best and brightest.

Coaching and Leadership

Modules to build coaching capability for leaders

AI supported behaviour change

Integrated embedding solutions

Development of leaders’ coaching capabilities across cohorts or entire organisations in the application of coaching methodologies and principles to support sustainable, transformational behavioural change and leadership growth.

A selection of modules (from foundational leadership conversations through to advanced coaching), AI “nudges” and integrated embedding solutions are designed to provide leaders with experiential practice and  long-term support grounded in their day-to-day reality.

Team Coaching

Data gathering and diagnostics

Facilitated sessions

Team coaching for team development

Top teams have more influence over the organisation than any other team.

Team coaching is undertaken in real time, with real work, and real team dynamics. Working with an IECL Team Coach enables teams to recognise the learning moments when they happen and immediately apply the learning to current performance outputs.

Our Approach to Leadership

A coaching approach to leadership is that effective leadership is a learning conversation

To be more precise, leadership is knowing which conversation to have at which time to create mutual learning.

To be able to do this two things are required.

  1. Relationship. Effective, learning conversations happen in relationship. In trust. Listening, questioning, observing (to yourself and others).
  2. Capability. Being fluent in leadership conversations means being multilingual - capable of having mentoring, directing, coaching, counselling conversations along with the awareness of which ‘language’ to speak to whom, and when.

Each person, each group, each team, is a new culture. Your ability to have effective leadership conversations, that is conversations resulting in everyone learning, is based on your ability to engage and adapt your conversation to the language of your partnerships.

This is the difference that occurs in IECL spaces, we don’t hold presentations, we host conversations. And we teach your leaders to do the same.

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