Why Coaching, Why Now.

Coaching creates valuable space in the world of a C-Suite leader and provides an inimitable opportunity to truly think differently

IECL Publications

These papers provide insights into the complex world of organisational coaching, from the point of view of the global industry, the board and the coaching client experience. Download these papers now to explore organisational coaching in greater depth.

Why Coaching, Why Now?

IECL has compiled a selection of outcome-driven industry research from the last decade to show how coaching impacts leaders and organisations, and more specifically what problems coaching and being coached helps leaders to deal with.

C-Suite Coaching discussion paper

This Discussion Paper by our Head of Education, Jane Porter MCC explores: What exactly is the responsibility of the Board?, How does a C-Suite Coach add value?, What are the elements of an effective C-suite coach?

Coaching Impact Report

Whilst we can’t know what goes on behind the closed doors of the many coaching sessions that IECL conducts; this report provides aggregated data that has been collected over the last few years. Here are some facts, figures and themes from the coaching “coal face” which provides a good sense of what goes on in the many coaching conversations we provide.