Stephanie Tait
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Having been in top leadership roles, Stephanie coaches senior-level professionals seeking to maximise their impact in their organizations. Her clients work across a range of industries and functions, though typically fall in two categories: (1) newly promoted executives seeking to establish themselves in senior-level roles, including new Directors, Vice Presidents, and Partners in consulting firms, and (2) established executives seeking to enhance their leadership effectiveness, including Executive Vice Presidents, C-Suite Executives and Managing Directors.


Stephanie’s approach to coaching is anchored in her naturally friendly, calm, and disarming style. Her demeanour makes people feel comfortable, and reduces obstacles to productive, open discussion. Leveraging her business background, she includes relevant observations to help clients create focus and structure out of competing priorities and drive toward the results they’re after. Using her coaching expertise, she creates a safe space for her clients to step back from their conflicting challenges and gain the perspective necessary to take their leadership impact to the next level.


Stephanie brings two decades of experience in diverse, top leadership roles in the Professional Services, Education and Technology sectors. She has a wealth of work experiences, working as a Senior Consultant for Oliver Wyman and Deloitte, to progressing in a global corporate training firm from a Master Facilitator for Fortune 100 to the Managing Director role. As Managing Director, she successfully led the business’ turnaround during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  •  Executive coaching

  • Onboarding new leaders

  • Recently promoted leaders

  • Assessment administration and feedback

  • High potential leaders

  • Women in leadership


  • Executive Director, Professional Services - coached leader to align top- team on new long-term vision and annual strategic plan, while delivering strongly improved quarterly results. Improved cross functional collaboration with team leads, enhanced clarity and buy-in to company direction, key performance indicators and accountability for results.

  • Vice President, Technology - coached new leader on leading in a virtual environment with a globally distributed team. Supported more effective communication style and ability to confidently lead in times of change, heightened business demands and disruption.

  • HR Director, Education - coached to enhance organizational engagement and culture by, first, partnering with business leaders to break down siloes that had been badly impacting business performance. Enhanced personal resilience, leadership effectiveness and ability to build stronger internal teams.

  • Director, Media Technology - coached new leader having suddenly been promoted into a role with much broader scope and greater seniority. Supported a core component of onboarding, helped counterpart to develop their own leadership style, strategic thinking capabilities, political savvy, and increased confidence.

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