Jessica Schubert
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Jessica assists business professionals to manage power dynamics and relationships in organisational structures and to create happy and productive workplace cultures through personal development and behavioural change. Jessica works with managers, directors and c-suite leaders from industries including consulting, retail, IT, banking, aviation, and hospitality. She coaches face-to-face or virtually.


Jessica’s coaching style is challenging yet supportive and warm. She uses a strength-based approach and draws on her own experience she has gained working in complex, organisational structures. Jessica uses the GROW model, narrative coaching, and adult learning principles for the counterpart to shift thinking, reframe stories and put action plans into place.


Jessica has a corporate background in the commercial real estate industry in Germany and Australia where she held positions as an Operations Manager, Sales Manager and General Manager. In Hong Kong she was Regional Sales Director for a serviced offices company and led large cross-cultural teams across Asia. She is also Head of Leadership Development at Business Women Australia where she helps women in business to realise their potential.


  • Transition coaching for leaders new to role or organisation

  • Developmental coaching for leading teams, critical thinking and managing stakeholder conversations and relationships

  • Coaching to improve leadership presence and build leadership shadow with authenticity

  • Coaching as part of organisational restructure; coaching to effectively lead change

  • Coaching for enhancing performance, resilience, and wellbeing

  • Coaching for women in business


  • Senior Manager Risk, Banking – – counterpart new to role in New York branch. Coached on leading own, new team and stakeholder management. Coaching resulted in improved relationships and buy-in from reporting team, respect and support from senior management and increased confidence in the boardroom.

  • Head of PR, Airline – counterpart new to role in Beijing, coached on building personal brand, stakeholder management and having difficult conversations with reporting team. Coaching resulted in improved conversations with team members, improved presentations, and presence with senior stakeholders.

  • Development Leader, Consulting - coached counterpart on managing power dynamics and influencing stakeholders. Coaching resulted in securing more resources and future business, having more sustainable strategies in place, greater understanding of power dynamics, and confidence to manage across and up.

  • Head of Operations, IT - coached on leading self and leading reporting team; created awareness of how to ‘show up,’ identified helpful and unhelpful conversations and interventions. Coaching resulted in counterpart using all types of conversations and using coaching strategies in their management style, increased EQ, increased motivation in team and less staff turnover.

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