Julie Lines
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Having worked with coaching clients across the Asia-Pacific region, Julie confidently works cross-culturally and has exposure to a wide range of public and private industry sectors such as defence, higher education, banking, professional services, secondary education, government and retail.

Julie is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF, an ICF registered Mentor Coach and a qualified Coaching Supervisor through Oxford Brookes University. Julie is also an experienced facilitator of leadership development and coach training programs.


Julie works with clients to identify key strengths and target the areas for growth that will make the biggest difference to their leadership or improve their wellbeing - so they can be at their best more often. She loves working with leaders who are transitioning to, or preparing to transition to, more senior roles and supporting them to develop the skills they need to face challenges. Julie fosters impactful leadership by enabling her clients to develop better relationships with their teams and key stakeholders, to in-turn create impactful outcomes for their organisations.


With 25+ years of experience in the education sector and more than a decade of that spent in senior management roles, Julie has extensive experience working at both strategic and operational levels. She has led teams of varying sizes and held executive roles, managing complex functional areas, and working closely with senior members of the ADO at the Australian Defence Force Academy.


  • Impactful influencing

  • Building high quality relationships

  • Mastering impossible conversations

  • Wellbeing strategies for confidence, resilience, and self-care

  • Sustainable work-life integration


  • Associate Director, Global Bank – skills coaching to build leadership capability in delivering effective feedback and conducting performance conversations. The client worked on developing a feedback culture, which enabled growth in others and lifted team performance.

  • Professor and Centre Director, Higher Education – developmental coaching to manage workload and mitigate burnout. The client made significant changes and improved their work-life integration.

  • Senior Defence Scientist, Australian Defence Organisation – skills coaching around difficult conversations, managing behavioural issues and poor performance within the team.  The client was more impactful in their new role, which involved leading significant change.

  • Program Manager, Health Not-for-Profit – developmental coaching to grow emotional intelligence and acquire new skills in emotional agility, following a workplace incident. The client returned to a challenging role with improved interpersonal skills and greater wellbeing.

  • Deputy Principal, Education transformational coaching to shift mindset and behaviour, as part of preparing for a role at the next level.

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