John Matthews
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John began coaching in 1996 and has been described as a pioneer of coaching in Australia, having established the institute of Executive Coaching (now IECL) in 1999 as a centre of excellence in the region. John works with senior executives across a range of industries including building, banking and finance, professional services, retail, information technology and telecommunications and all levels and sectors of government, including judicial.


John embodies the attributes of an exceptional coach through his insight, empathy, business acumen, flexibility, and credibility. John uses an integral approach which uses the research of evidence-based psychology, leadership theory and adult education models. The latest findings of neuroplasticity are also used to help business leaders understand the conditions necessary for sustainable behavioural change. John also works with the world view of the counterpart in terms of their values, beliefs, and culture to help them leverage the positive aspects and uncover those aspects that may be limiting future potential.


John worked as a blood technician at Loyola Medical Centre, Chicago, where he experienced first-hand what it meant to be a member of a high stakes/high performance team in the emergency room and operating theatre, enabling him to coach others looking to create high performance teams. John also worked as a National Consultant and eventually managed the Western United States Education Division of Simon & Schuster during a major merger and acquisition phase. This enabled him to coach others with P+L, training, performance management, sales, change management, public speaking, and leadership responsibilities. As a founder and former director of IECL, John can coach others with start-up aspirations, thought leadership and on evolving a business.


  • Women in Leadership

  • Career strategy

  • Leadership development

  • Culture change and transformation

  • Confrontation skills

  • Emotional intelligence and performance teaming


  • Senior Partner, Law - coached newly appointed board member. The challenge was how to increase their influence in a way that was congruent with their values. Coaching resulted in the counterpart being able to influence the strategic direction and influence fellow board members by earning their respect.

  • CEO, Infrastructure - coached the present CEO to re-define their role, help improve communications between the Deputy CEO and the CEO. The result has been a seamless transition of new leadership.

  • Assistant Secretary, Government - coaching involved reviewing the extensive assessments of their leadership skills. Analysis indicated the real issue was lack of self and social/political awareness. Strategies included becoming more aware of who the real decision makers were in terms of secretarial appointments, who the stakeholders were and how to influence and gain exposure.

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