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Our unique and proven coaching approach

We are driven by our vision for every leader to be able to access world-class coaching and our purpose to improve the performance and wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations through coaching. Our strengths-based approach to organisational coaching draws on multiple disciplines, and is informed by the latest research in adult learning and development, neuroscience and positive psychology.

Dedicated coaching team

We work with you to define what success looks like. For large coaching programs your expert lead coach develops tailored coaching programs to achieve your required outcomes. You are supported by a client relationship team to oversee the communications, logistics and reporting keeping you and your stakeholders regularly informed.

Stakeholder collaboration

We understand that coaching engagements are a collaboration between the coach, the leader or team being coached, and critical stakeholders. We ensure that expectations are aligned and progress reported from start to finish

Flexible coaching delivery options

We adapt the way we deliver programs to suit your environment. We are experienced in coaching across cultures and borders and the choice of technologies for coaching can be determined by an organisation’s existing platforms.

Practical and action oriented

IECL coaching approach is based on a practical awareness that any development must enable a move beyond the cognitive to real behavioural change and new action. This means challenging and supporting leaders to reflect on their own behaviour and thinking patterns and their impact, and step outside their comfort zone to take different action, test and experiment with new behaviours and apply existing and new skills in new ways.

Drawing on multiple disciplines, knowledge bases, experience and evidence

In addition to drawing from the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychology, our coaching is underpinned by:

  • Strengths based approaches - with its roots in positive psychology, IECL coaching has a strength-building, solution orientation which taps into the leader’s potential.
  • Relationship - HOW the coaching conversation is conducted is critical, particularly the way the coach creates the space for change and learning to occur with a fine balance of trust and tension.
  • Narrative Coaching - explores storylines and patterns that are emerging in the dialogue. Space is created for awareness to be brought to these stories which creates opportunities for them to be re-written and then lived differently.
  • Explores the full landscape - Drawing on systems theory, we use a whole-person whole-system landscape model as a foundation for the coaching conversation. Questions explore the leader’s internal world, their behaviours, their external environment and other factors that influence these. Working with the whole person within the context in which they operate, enables sustainable learning and change.

Quality Assurance

IECL has a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure all coaches meet our high standards of coach training, coaching experience, demonstrated coaching capability, reflective practice and ethical practice. All coaches adhere to IECL’s coaching best practice guidelines which provide our clients with an assurance of consistency and reliability.

Ongoing professional development and supervision

All IECL coaches are required to demonstrate a passion for lifelong learning and a commitment to ongoing professional development including a rolling development plan to continually work on themselves and their craft. All IECL coaches undertake supervision with a trained supervisor.

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