Babara Lee Draminsky
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Babara began her coach training in 2015 and worked as Principal for IECL in Singapore until 2021. Having worked in many countries across the globe, she has a strong multi-cultural awareness, and incorporates a systems perspective in her coaching, incorporating evidence-based coaching and positive psychology interventions. She focuses on the development of individual leaders’ personal mastery to teams’ collaborative capability, through alignment of vision and increased systems understanding in the context of all stakeholders. Babara has also worked with various management levels in diverse cultures and industry backgrounds globally, spanning private and non-profit sectors, with focuses on areas such as positive leadership development, communication, leading change, talent development, emotional intelligence, influence, stress management, work life balance, motivation, and engagement.


Babara adopts a holistic approach to coaching which is often goal-oriented, solution-focused, person-centred, and strengths-based. Her coaching style is highly adaptable which enables her to readily build rapport and trust in relationships for a collaborative partnership with her clients. Her approach is open, collaborative, supportive, non-judgemental, respectful, creative, and she challenges adequately to generate self-awareness for change and growth. She customises her coaching approach for each client and creates a safe space that provokes creative and reflective thinking for sustainable change.



Babara has worked and lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Denmark, Spain, Los Angeles, and Singapore. She has a diverse range of experiences in retail, sales, hospitality, advertising, marketing, public relations, and event management industries, and ran a boutique events management company for over 15 years coordinating a wide range of global international corporate events.


  • Executive coaching and leadership development

  • Group and team coaching

  • Transition / succession coaching and leadership onboarding

  • Coaching for performance, resilience, mental toughness, and well-being for individuals and teams



  • Head of L&D, Banking – transition and onboarding coaching to develop communication skills and better understand intercultural differences, improve relationship with stakeholders and elevate career trajectory.

  • General Manager, Hospitality - coaching for developing positive leadership capabilities, as well as improving overall performance and collaboration of the senior management team.

  • Head of Marketing, Pharmaceutical – coaching to build strategy, to influence change, and to create a high-performance team culture.

  • Director, Retail – coaching for succession planning and global brand expansion through developing an innovative and strategic mindset to anticipate gaps for the future. 

  • CEO, NGO – coaching for deeper self-awareness, confidence, and to navigate challenges and building relationship with various stakeholders.

  • Owner/Director, Tech – coaching for clarity and vision on company’s direction post Covid-19, and for enhancing leadership skills with the emphasis on people management and retainment.



Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Conversational in Danish and Spanish.

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