Jill Livesey
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Jill has worked as an executive coach and career coach since 2006 across all industry sectors. Jill works with new and aspiring leaders and established senior leaders, supporting them to authentically and confidently lead in challenging environments. Mindset and behaviours are identified and harnessed to enable leaders to motivate, engage and develop their people for high performance.   


Jill’s strengths-based coaching style is warm and direct with a constant focus on achieving outcomes by challenging counterparts to think critically and creatively about their objectives and the landscape they are operating within. The clarity and confidence gained in Jill’s sessions results in considered actions and behaviour change impacting the individual, their team and others around them.  


Jill held organisational leadership roles in London, New York and Sydney. Drawing on this experience of leading large teams, often remotely located, Jill works with counterparts to quickly sift through the mass of information to get to what will make a difference to their performance. Her passion and experience in career development have helped many counterparts to navigate their paths.


  • Developmental coaching for leaders wanting to optimally engage and develop their teams

  • Career coaching for individuals at a transition point, enabling the best for them and the organisation 

  • Team coaching to leverage diversity for high performance 

  • Coaching to embed program learnings 


  • Senior Leader, Banking and Finance - influencing skills were developed to navigate a complex landscape, resulting in being placed on the top talent list. 

  • Human Resources GM, Transport - coached counterpart to deliver successfully in role while strategically developing capability for the next level. 

  • Senior Leader, Music Industry - coached counterpart to transition from manager to leader through operating strategically, while empowering and developing their team. 

  • Leader, Community Sector - coached counterpart to re-engage a new team for high performance. Counterpart reported feeling courage, passion and invigoration to go out and make a difference with their challenging team.

  • Leader, Financial Services - career coaching for counterpart to confidently identify next best step in a re-structure, while remaining focussed and performing in current role.

  • Senior Leader, Banking & Finance - coached counterpart to develop strategic thinking and leadership capability, through leveraging experiences, to deliver a large cultural and business transformation.  

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