Lincoln Barrett
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Equally comfortable and adept at all levels of the organisational ladder, Lincoln has successfully coached hundreds of middle leaders, managers, and senior executives across a wide range of industries including finance, IT, education, marketing, public service, and infrastructure. Lincoln’s coaching specialty is in challenging and supporting high-potential leaders to identify, embody and harness the mindset, behaviours, relationships, and systems that optimise their impact and enable them to thrive.


The three words that best sum up Lincoln’s coaching style and approach are depth, loyalty, and alignment. Lincoln’s gift is to take people deep. By taking his counterparts to the core or root of a situation, Lincoln skilfully challenges and supports his counterparts to identify the required changes that will optimise their performance. Lincoln’s loyalty to his counterparts is critical to
this success. While being guided through uncomfortable territory, Lincoln’s counterparts will know that they are working with someone who truly believes in them and has ‘got their back’. Although Lincoln’s loyalty is always to his counterpart, by fostering alignment with the counterpart’s
organisational perspective, he ensures that the coaching engagement is a win-win situation for all key stakeholders.


Lincoln’s impact as an organisational coach is optimised by the wealth of professional experience that he brings. His time on the ‘frontline’ as a teacher and school leader grounded Lincoln in the complexities of leading change and managing others in a volatile and complex environment. As an executive in the Education sector, he navigated the political machinations that all senior leaders face and as the founder of his own start-up, Lincoln has undergone the deep-level examination and personal transformation that top level leadership requires.


  • Developmental coaching for high potentials  

  • Transition coaching for leaders new to the organisation or role

  • Breakthrough coaching for transformational change

  • Coaching through organisational change

  • Coaching as part of leadership development programs


  • Executive, Banking – the coaching engagement supported the counterpart to identify what was inhibiting their success and to execute and embed changes to their leadership style. Improvements in their executive presence and leadership effectiveness were acknowledged via 360 feedback and culminated in the counterpart’s promotion.

  • Principal, Education - the coaching engagement empowered the new-to- role counterpart to recognise their leadership shadow, acknowledge the impact this was having (on themselves and others) and implement the mindset and behaviours that enabled them to thrive within a high pressure, high-stress environment.

  • Head of Operations, Infrastructure – the coaching engagement enabled the counterpart to identify the root cause of key factors that were inhibiting the performance and wellbeing of both them and their team. The counterpart was able to successfully implement a distributed leadership model that enhanced employee capability, instigate communication strategies that fostered trust and alignment and instil the mindset and behaviours that optimised their performance and influence across all organisational levels.

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