Carmen Cheng
Director Project Management

Carmen leads a diverse team of project managers and coordinators, responsible for the end-to-end operational delivery of all IECL B2B and B2C projects.


Carmen also enjoys seeing synthesis between the coaching approach and her Psychology/Human Resources studies.




  • B. Psychological Science (majoring in Human Resources Management), University of New South Wales



Career History

  • Project Manager, IECL
  • Project Coordinator, IECL




Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Administration
  • Client Account Management
  • Process improvement and mapping
  • Customer experience





Carmen joined IECL in April 2016 as a Project Manager. For four years, Carmen managed the operational delivery of leadership and coaching programs for IECL clients, mainly in the industrial and tertiary education industries. In early 2020, Carmen stepped up into her current Director Project Management role. She brings strong organisational skills and efficiency to the team and their processes. Carmen is known for her commitment to delivering results and enjoys integrating the finer details into a high level customer experience.

With a background in Psychology and Human Resources, Carmen has a keen interest in the coaching approach and in seeing the synthesis between her two areas of study. She is passionate about exploring the whole self and how that affects interpersonal connections.

Outside of work, Carmen can be found enjoying a cuppa and hosting boardgame nights.