Yandy So
2016 Ignites Alumni

"Learn your leadership style"


Ignites coaching impacted my self-awareness in a way I didn't expect...


as it made me reflect on my cognitive thinking and behaviour. The coaching made me aware of my unconscious thoughts, ensuring that I was more self-aware of my unconscious biases. The coaching helped me identify that I often make assumptions unconsciously. I learnt that I need to clearly assess all parts of a situation, which has helped me interact better with stakeholders and the need to avoid making assumptions at work.


I learnt the gift of my leadership style...


which was not having one at all! I have the ability to be very natural and adapt my style to different scenarios and situations. Realising this, has allowed me to develop myself better, where I don't have to constrain to a particular style. I was able to develop my strengths by identifying and therefore understanding what they were. I also learnt how to deal with many situations by reviewing myself and the surrounding environment more consciously.