Megan Abrey
Senior Project Coordinator

Megan is IECL's enthusiastic and energetic Senior Project Coordinator for the Public Program, ensuring participants enjoy their coach training journey.



  • Degree in Psychological Science
  • Diploma in Yoga


Areas of Expertise

  • Project Coordination
  • Psychology
  • Coaching
  • Health and Wellbeing



Born and raised in sunny South Africa, Megan moved to Australia after completing her schooling. Whilst completing her undergraduate degree, Megan was lucky enough to also be completing a diploma in yoga and also teaching yoga.


Megan is IECL's enthusiastic and energetic Senior Project Coordinator, for the Public Program. She is actively involved in all Public Program projects from start to finish, ensuring participants enjoy their IECL-led coach training journey. Megan is a driven person, with her main driving forces being to help people, and give back to her community. She uses coaching, psychology, exercise and yoga to strive to have a high level of health and wellbeing. She believes keeping herself healthy allows her to motivate those around her to lead a healthy and happy life. Megan also continues to also teach yoga. When she is not at work, you will find her in a yoga studio, or out and about in nature soaking up the sun and fresh air.


Career History

Following the completion of her degree, Megan was the Team Leader, Aquatic Education at UNSW's gym.