Margaret Darcy

With 20 years" experience and over 1300 hours of coaching experience, Margaret is committed to working with leaders to bring out the best in themselves and create significant organisational change.


Areas of Expertise


  • Leadership excellence
  • Effecting change
  • Strengthening performance
  • Building resilience
  • Managing relationships
  • Team and group coaching
  • Coaching supervision




Margie has over 1300 hours executive coaching experience in over 30 government and private organisations. She has more than 20 years" experience as a senior executive in state, federal government and international agencies.


Business Background and Experience


Margie has been a teacher, human resources executive and is a registered psychologist. She is a change agent and has facilitated significant organisational change in executive leadership positions that she has held in state and national government agencies, and overseas. Her work is grounded in extensive experience and knowledge of the complexity of contemporary organisations. Margie is a coaching supervisor for executive coaches. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (Australasia) Professional Standards Team and has been a Board Member of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders (SA) and the Uniting Church Commission for Community Agencies (SA).




Margie's strength lies in her deep understanding of how organisations, teams and individuals learn. Margie is deeply committed to working with leaders to bring out the best in themselves and others, and to create contexts within which people and organisations thrive. She works with warmth, humour and challenge to build the capacity of leaders at all levels to lead.


Margie uses an eclectic approach to her coaching drawing on a range of methodologies including narrative, relational, existential and cognitive behavioural. She adapts her approach in accordance with the flow of the coaching conversation and the needs of her coaching counterparts.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, Level Three, IECL;
  • Education: GradDip (Applied Psychology); GradDip (Education)
  • Memberships: APSC Learning & Development Panel, Interest Group in Coaching Psychology
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) , ICF


Recent Client Engagements


  • Senior Executive Leader, Public Sector " established personal and business goals; clarified perspective; created constructive strategies. Worked with personal and team strengths and values.
  • Research Leaders, Science Organisations " worked with research leaders to build their own capability and their capacity to facilitate change.
  • Leaders, Education " coached leaders in school strategic and development planning, performance management and conflict management. She successfully coached teams to improve interpersonal relationships where conflict and misunderstanding have caused significant reduction in productivity.
  • SES, Defence and Policing "facilitated the transition of officers to SES positions. Assisted individuals and groups to employ different ways of working with others, different ways of working in organisations and to learn different ways of responding to work-life effects.