Julie Parkinson
Chief Culture Officer

Julie is Chief Culture Officer with GrowthOps. Her style is practical, challenging and warm and as an individual she is action and results oriented. She is responsible for building a high performance GrowthOps culture allowing people to be the best they can be..


Julie ensures a high level of excellence in all areas of delivery and her extensive business experience and commitment to communication excellence enable her to work with clients to achieve their objectives with clarity and energy. Julie has a new puppy!


Qualifications and Memberships


  • BSc - University of Surry, UK
  • Accredited Coach, IECL
  • Cultural Transformation Tools Accredited
  • Belbin Team Roles Accredited


 Career History


  • Director, IECL
  • Director, Client Relationships, IECL
  • Founder and CEO of Consumer Access Ltd, one of Asia's most prestigious communications and events companies
  • Health writer, broadcaster, editor and communicator


Areas of Expertise


  • Managing across generations
  • Cross cultural communication - leadership across cultural boundaries
  • Team building and emotional intelligence
  • Business strategy in an international environment
  • Building sustainability in the workplace
  • Inspiring and motivating others: developing and communicating your vision




Julie is Director of IECL and is based in Sydney, Australia. Julie has helped craft the direction of IECL since its early days, where in 2003 she joined a three person company with a mission to develop a centre of excellence for executive coaching for the Asia Pacific region. Julie spent 10 years as IECL's Director of Client Relationships, partnering with clients and colleagues to develop outstanding relationships while delivering powerful solutions benefiting leaders across the region. Julie's focus is now back on Asia, with a mandate to take the unique IECL offering across the region, ensuring that the content, context and language are designed to deliver all of IECL's principles, such as generative learning and deep change.


Julie spent the first 7 years of her career in London and Sydney as a health writer, magazine editor and broadcaster. For the next 17 years, Julie was based in Hong Kong and travelled extensively throughout Asia delivering high level corporate events and communications programs for major international corporations. She worked closely with world leaders and CEOs, helping them develop and deliver messages that engaged the hearts and minds of their audiences. Julie's company produced some of the largest and most recognised corporate events in Asia.


Julie remains passionate about IECL's vision to be the centre of excellence for coaching and leadership in the Asia Pacific region. Every day she brings her considerable energy to this challenging role.