Janna Song

Janna is an experienced business partner specialising in training and consulting within the German, French and American market. She is passionate about developing people and organisation development.


Areas of Expertise


  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Talent Development
  • Driving for Business Results
  • Interpersonal/Communications Skills
  • Top Level Job Transitions
  • Inspirational Leadership Development
  • Navigating Change Management
  • Organization Transition Management


Recent Engagements


  • Janna is a very experienced HR Director who respectively served in German/French/American companies. Her recent coaching has focussed 5 year strategic planning, organization development for future needs, executive and key talent development, and career development planning for core team; managing organization transaction, ,diagnose the organization and formulate ¬†leadership plans.


Specific Outcomes for Coaching Counterparts


  • Enhanced ability to motivate and engage people
  • Develop high performing and highly motivated organisations
  • Ability to communicate with people at all levels with confidence and influence
  • More pro-active behaviours and anticipation of business impact


Career History


  • Strategic Business partner and HR Director German/French/US companies within mechanical/Building material/Agriculture industries
  • Senior Consultant and Coach of Coverdale Organization (UK, Coverdale International Group)
  • Coach for MBA in Lancaster University
  • Assessor for AB-in Bev Project
  • Coach and facilitator of leadership assessment for multiple organizations
  • Coach and training - 3,000 hours of executive coaching experience
  • IECL coaching certified level 1-3
  • Hogan Assessment Certification
  • SEI EQ Assessor certified by 6 Second Emotional Intelligence
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • PDI certification of PDI Ninth House's PROFILOR development tool
  • Certified trainer of FranklinCovey for "7 Habits" , "Speed of Trust" "5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity" and "Business Accuman"
  • InsideOut certified trainer "InsideOut Coaching",
  • Vital Smart certified "Crucial Conversation" and "Influencer"
  • DISC




Janna started her career in HR in 1995, from then she was inspired to focus on organization development. At the heart of her passion is the belief that driving success for tomorrow by developing high performance teams is the mystery of all organizations.  People development with great performance is more valuable than ever, applying the best practice and principles with passion in our lives makes all of us benefit in extraordinary ways. . Being an experienced business partner, I like to contribute as much as I can to organizational development."


Janna has worked with and coached leaders of German\French and American companies, and has enhanced experience in providing multinational companies with management consultancy, organisational reconstruction, management training and coaching, organisational resetting for effectiveness. Her skill lies in training and coaching for executives including country managers, to develop an open mindset and provide a practical approach to improve business results and competitiveness. She works with leaders to enable them to inspire and lead whilst navigating increasing global complexity.