Colin Pitson

As a former CEO with over a decade experience as master coach and mentor, Colin has proved to be successful in measurably growing leadership capability both nationally and internationally.


Areas of Expertise


  • Sustainable beneficial behaviour change
  • Effective teams through resolving conflict
  • Empowerment and productivity improvement through building emotional intelligence
  • Handling difficult /emotional conversations



As a former CEO with two decades of experience in executive coaching (ten years as a master coach) Colin has proved to be successful in measurably growing leadership capability both nationally and internationally. He has formal training in psychotherapy, psychology, engineering, management, coaching and supervision. Colin has coached more than 950 executives involving over 10,000 hours - up to the level of Departmental Secretary and Cabinet Minister in the public sector and at Board and CEO level in the private sector.


Business Background and Experience

Colin has a wealth of personal experience of leadership challenges, particularly in federal government agencies and with government ministers. For eight years he conducted and led major reviews of departments and was responsible for implementation of transformative and complex organisational and personal changes. Colin's background as a practicing senior executive office (up to CEO level) in the public service gives him an in depth knowledge of and genuine feel for the pressures and opportunities facing today's executives.




Colin has an engaging and supportive coaching style that empowers and challenges clients whilst holding them accountable for their own learning. His approach is empathic and always tailored to the client's requirements. He often coaches executives together with their manager and/or team member. This brings real life dynamics into play, particularly "impact on others" and increases level of sustainable beneficial behaviour change.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Master Certified Coach (MCC)
  • Certified Organisational Coach, Level One, IECL;
  • Accredited Coach Supervisor, IECL
  • Education: MA (Cultural Psychology); Dip (Adult Psychotherapy); PostDip (Industrial Management); Dip (Electrical Engineering); GradCert (Coaching Supervision)
  • Diagnostics: MBTI, ESCI
  • Memberships: FAIM


Recent Client Engagements


  • Group Manager, Federal Government " worked with client and 15 Executives to develop more effective and collegiate communication. Resulted in strengthened emotional resilience and improved team dynamics.
  • Divisional Chief, Science " assisted client and senior team with improving leadership culture and understanding the implications for the organisation's future.
  • Group CEO, Multinational " assisted in the resolution of deep personal conflicts, building better leadership behaviours, strengthening personal impact and developing succession plan.
  • Senior Associate, International Consulting " helped client build emotional regulation and self-awareness, resulting in improved staff and peer satisfaction and productivity.