Chip McFarlane

As one of Australia's first and most experienced executive coaches and a master facilitator, Chip has the presence, energy and acumen to work with the most senior audiences.


Areas of Expertise


  • Strategic executive coaching
  • Executive talent development
  • Whole systems approach for results
  • CEO / Board / top level job transitions
  • Inspirational leadership development
  • Transformative mediation




One of Australia's first and most experienced executive coaches and a master facilitator, Chip has the presence, energy and acumen to work with the most senior audiences, holding the room and provoking performance.


Business Background and Experience


Chip has coached internationally, in the US, London, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Australia in industries such as banking and financial services, pharmaceutical companies, IT, professional service firms and multi-lateral public service organisations. He has worked with some of the largest organisations in Asia and well known international brands.
Chip's experience ranges across a number of areas of leadership development, including facilitation, training and coaching. He has over 11,000 hours coaching experience at the executive level, having worked with CEOs, MDs, VPs, Board Members and Senior Executives. Chip has also spent hundreds of days facilitating the development of senior leaders in organisations.

Chip's management experience includes holding the position of Director or Managing Director for a range of companies, including the position of Regional Director of Operations for a French based multinational company, covering 27 sites in 14 countries.

As a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy the foundations of Chip's ongoing interest in perceptions of leadership were laid.

Chip is also a senior fellow of the Professional and Personal Coaches Association.




Chip partners with executives as they navigate the growing complexity of today's business environment and balance the paradoxical demands that affect leaders. His inter-cultural and wide-ranging background adds diversity and depth to his facilitation and coaching practice.

As a facilitator, Chip's style is strong and challenging. He has worked with senior leadership teams across Asia, helping them to succeed in leading culturally diverse organisations.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, Level Three, IECL
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC) , International Coach Federation
  • Diagnostics: MBTI, Leadership Maturity Framework, HBDI, LSI, GSI, DiSC, TLC, Harrison Assessments, Belbin Team Roles, Choice Theory and Reality Theory, Enneagram, Hogan Suite
  • Certified Peace Ambassador


Recent Client Engagements


  • CEO, Large Consumer Subsidiary " helped client develop his staff and re-organise the operation to achieve significantly improved business results.
  • CEO, Multinational " coached client to redefine his role and use personal strengths to achieve maximum impact within the organisation.
  • President (Asia), Fortune 50 IT " coached client to moderate autocratic style in order to lead change required for a successful post turnaround business.
  • Group MD and Leadership Team, Fortune 100 Financial Services " worked with MD and team to establish trust, embrace difficult discussions, and improve performance.