Amy Zhou

Amy has achieved over 10 years" experience within various leadership roles and accumulated an abundant of coaching experience, managing teams in locations including Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


Area of Expertise


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Career development and job transition
  • Execution of sales and marketing strategy
  • Manage and motivate the team with different culture/background


Recent Engagement


  • Partner of a Chinese well-known audit firm for the key talents retention
  • Branch manager of top consulting company to motivate the team and retain the key talents
  • South China sales director of a top logistic company " to manage the bottleneck of his career in the company and plan for his career development for coming 3-5 years
  • Deputy GM of a top shipping company " to manage his team to go through the frequent changes in the company
  • Sales GM of a top shipping company " to manage the job transition and manage the team in the new position


Specific Outcomes for Coaching Counterparts


  • Enhanced ability to motivate the team
  • Develop and retain the key talent of the organization
  • Improvement at change management


Career History


  • GM of Global Key Account Management @ Maersk
  • Deputy GM of Eastern China Sales @ Maersk
  • Manager of marketing and new product development @ DAMCO


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited organizational coach, Level Two, IECL
  • MBA " Shanghai Jiaotong University




Amy has been in a fortune-500 MNC for 15 years " 12 years in client facing positions ( sales and marketing, key account management)and 10 years in a leadership role. Amy has managed teams of different size in various locations including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and achieved good business results. As GM of global key account management, she managed a team with different nationalities including American, Japanese, Korean, Danishand Spanish. Her success comes through successful client relationship management, good interpersonal skills/ communication abilities, excellent team management and strong capabilities of execution.


Amy has accumulated abundant coaching experience in her 10-year people management positions and executive coaching made her more successful in leadership development.


Amy is always passionate about people development. She believes people have good talent in her/his own field and coaching enables them to identify and achieve their full potential. Through coaching, Amy also challenges her clients to make sure the goal is stretched and achieved.