Lincoln Barrett
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Lincoln has extensive experience in coaching for development, performance, and wellbeing. Equally comfortable and adept at conversing with all levels of the organisational ladder, Lincoln has successfully coached managers, middle leaders, and executives across a range of industries.

With a background in tennis coaching, Lincoln’s coaching ‘sweet spot’ is in challenging high potential/high performing business leaders to take their ‘game’ to the next level.


Lincoln quickly builds a strong rapport based on trust and mutual respect, a platform from which he empowers his counterparts to gain clarity, challenge assumptions, broaden perspectives and identify opportunities for growth. Led by the needs of the counterpart and in alignment with the organisational brief, Lincoln leverages high level questioning and coaching techniques to empower his counterparts to examine issues from a variety of perspectives and at previously unexplored depths, resulting in high-impact and sustainable improvements in both performance and wellbeing.


Lincoln’s professional background began in financial services, followed by a career in the education sector as a teacher, administrator, and system leader. He is still involved in education, operating as an executive and consultant and specialising in leadership development and system reform.


  • Developmental coaching for high potentials  

  • Transition coaching for leaders new to the organisation or role

  • Coaching for enhancing performance and wellbeing  

  • Coaching to strategically support a restructure or change management initiative

  • Coaching as part of leadership development or cultural change programs


  • Executive, Banking – coached counterpart to identify what was inhibiting their success and to execute and embed changes to their leadership style. Improvements in confidence and executive presence led to tangible growth on both professional and personal fronts.

  • Principal, Education - coaching engagement empowered the new to role counterpart to recognise and implement the mindset and behaviours required to thrive, both personally and professionally in a high pressure, high-stress environment.

  • Manager, Global IT – coaching engagement supported the manager to make the transformational changes to overcome self-imposed barriers. Resulting changes in mindset and behaviour unlocked untapped potential and led to improvements in both performance and wellbeing.

  • Manager, Financial - coached newly appointed manager to refine leadership approach. Increased self-awareness was the catalyst for measurable improvement in their communication style and relationships.

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