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IECL has been a preferred provider of International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach education courses since 2006. We’ve trained over 10,000 leaders from over 500 companies, on all continents of the world and are renowned for our high quality, experiential educational experiences. We provide supportive pathways to help you become a confident and competent coach in organisational settings, and support you to gain ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials.

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IECL offers the essential foundation course for anyone looking to add coaching conversations to their toolkit. Suitable for coaches and leaders building a depth of knowledge and skill, as well as those working towards ICF coaching credentials.

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Find a coach wherever you are in the world. We pair the right coach for you or your team. Tap into our network of ICF accredited coaches in Australia. IECL coaches work with individuals, groups and teams to achieve a broad range of outcomes including improved performance, enhanced wellbeing, higher levels of engagement and better decision making.

ICF Credentialed Faculty

IECL's highly acclaimed and ICF Accredited Coach Education programs are taught by ICF credentialed and practicing organisational coaches, who are also experts in IECL's unique coaching approach to the facilitation of learning.

Discover ICF accreditation with IECL

ICF Accreditation is granted to only the top coach education providers in the world, and IECL is proud to be a provider of ICF’s Level 1 and Level 2 accredited coach education programs. ICF’s goal is to ensure high standards for the coaching profession worldwide and those standards are upheld by IECL, through our coach education program, as well as the ICF accredited coaches we provide.

ICF accredits coach education programs, and credentials coaches. By attending an ICF Accredited Coach Education program at IECL, you can be approved by us for ICF’s ACC or PCC credential, with the added benefit of becoming a highly competent and confident organisational coach.

ICF credentials can open doors for you as a coach; they are not easy to acquire and are therefore highly regarded by purchasers of coaching, worldwide.

IECL offers structured and supportive pathways to both ACC and PCC credentials with ICF. Learn more

Why Gain ICF Credentials?

Anyone can call themselves a coach, but increasingly purchasers of coaching are looking for coaches with internationally recognised qualifications and credentials. IECL can help you to reach your goals around coaching qualifications, and the International Coaching Federation (ICF) can provide the credentials that show you have met their stringent education and experience requirement.

IECL is a proud provider of International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach Education, Level 1 (ACC), Level 2 (PCC) and AATC (Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching). Our primary goal as coach educators is to create and support confident and competent, ethical organisational coaches. See the Coach Education tab above for more information or contact us to set up a one-to-one chat in your time zone.

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We have a dedicated team of Relationship Partners across the globe to help you explore your options and answer any questions that you may have.

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Become an ICF recognised coach

To become an ICF recognised coach, you need to participate in an ICF accredited coach education program, like IECL’s. And at IECL, everything starts with the IECL Organisational Coaching Level 1 Certification course, which teaches you the essential foundational skills of organisational coaching including the tools, techniques and understanding of how to conduct high performance coaching sessions that get results. This course builds functional capability as well as competence and confidence in your coaching.

Level 1 Certification Completed

Once you complete Level 1 Certification, you are well on your way toward’s ICF’s ACC credential, and can start logging your coaching hours (you’ll need 100 hours of coaching logged to gain ICF’s ACC credential).

Level 1 Accreditation

After Level 1 Certification, your next step is IECL’s Level 1 Accreditation, which builds on IECL Level 1 Certification for a deeper understanding of coaching competencies and principles. This Accreditation provides valuable opportunities for additional learning, reflection, practice, feedback and mentoring. Through the Accreditation you will apply Level 1 Certification skills in practice, building greater confidence and capability in coaching.

Final Step

The final step in the IECL Level 1 Organisational Coach Education Pathway (ICF Level 1: ACC Journey) consists of one-on-one mentoring sessions and a final performance evaluation, to prepare you to apply to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. As an accredited provider of ICF Level 1, IECL has been approved to ‘sign off’ new coaches against the minimum skills requirements based on ICF’s core competencies for ACC.


IECL has been training organisational coaches since 1999 and has over 8,000 coach education alumni, worldwide. Even our competitors send their coaches to be trained by us! We have been an ICF Accredited provider of coach education since 2006. Our faculty are highly experienced, practicing organisational coaches themselves, and most of them are ICF PCC credentialed. They teach our highly refined curriculum from their own direct coaching experience, rather than from theory and textbooks alone.

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