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Leadership Coaching for Growth Outcomes

Over more than 20 years, organisations have partnered with IECL and tapped into our unique approach to build coaching capability in leaders and teams. What makes our approach unique? The combination of highly experienced organisational coaches who are also exceptional facilitators, high quality consistent IECL delivery methodology plus world class learning content and design.

Coaching and Leadership

Coaching as a leadership approach is particularly useful for cultivating adult learning within the workplace. Unlike many of the other traditional leadership conversations, a leader who takes a coaching approach presupposes the other has intellect, capability and potential and shifts the focus away from the coach/leader having all the answers.

This taps in to potential and empowers others to think for themselves in new ways to solve problems, generate ideas, find solutions and explore possibilites. At IECL, we focus on coaching as a leadership capability because it highlights a capability gap many leaders have; the ability to ask and listen, rather than assume and tell.

Additionally, in having the conversation about coaching, the other habitual conversations come into focus and leaders are then able to define the conversations, giving them the awareness and skills to engage in them more strategically.

Coaching capabilities for leaders

This suite of modules have been carefully crafted with the Leader-Coach in mind: They offer an immersive experience which sets leaders up for success in their people leadership, on the most fundamental topic areas, skills and tools to be an effective coach.

We work with you to define the most critical needs of your leaders to become leader-coaches and select the set of modules to best fill this need.

AI supported behaviour change

We bring the classroom into the real world and our clients walk away with a ‘coach on their shoulder’ as a reminder of their commitments, generating genuine world class results.

When you choose IECL to build coaching capability in your leaders through our experiential modules, and/or engage our world-class coaches to provide your leaders with deeply individualised development support, IECL powered by qChange ensures that the richness of the learning experience translates to behaviour change and ultimately performance uplifts.

Integrated embedding solutions

The most important outcome for us at IECL is that what we deliver for you achieves your strategic people goals. IECL takes a whole-system approach to leader development, meaning we seek to understand the enablers and blockers within the organisational system, which impact your goals, and work with this to implement integrated solutions to embed the learning.

From our clients

“I can truly speak on behalf of the whole team that we have very much enjoyed working with you and you have helped us come a long way on our journey to high-performance.”

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