Murray Wright
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Murray works one-on-one with senior leaders, emerging leaders and teams supporting them to build better relationships, grow influence, and develop the skills and practices to be able to adapt quickly and deliver results. He works across various sectors including hospitality, real estate, telecommunications, recruitment, FMCG, retail, tertiary education, insurance, property services, utilities, construction, government and not-for-profit.    


Murray brings presence and commitment to building relationships, adopting a systemic approach to gain a new perspective and deeper insight as a starting point to meaningful work. His work is dynamic and underpinned by contemporary approaches including systems work, narrative coaching, and mindfulness. It is very much about working on real issues and learning in the moment.


Murray has worked in Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia in hotels, tertiary education, and consulting. His Group GM roles for Australian hotel chains required management of difficult stakeholder relationships as well as driving change in culture and ways of operating as part of transition. He continues to consult to hotel owners. 


  • Connecting to personal values and purpose to lift confidence and leadership presence 

  • Creating the shift to strategic thinking and developing relationships and influence at higher levels in the organisation

  • Communicating a clear vision, establishing priorities, and bringing focus for self and team to deliver results

  • Setting expectations, having the important conversations, and delivering results

  • Bringing teams together to build a collective purpose and way of working that empowers the wider team, lifts engagement and performance.


  • COO, NFP – preparing for transition to CEO, shifted from operational to a more strategic view, lifting understanding, engagement, and influence across the organisation. Structures and practices in place to delegate more and maintain own energy and focus. 

  • EGM, Insurance - building presence and influence with senior leaders and communicating more effectively with the team. Provided the tools and techniques to manage anxiety, building confidence enabling more open and effective engagement at all levels. 

  • Executive Team, Environmental Manufacturing – agreed collective purpose and team charter to bring a more constructive dialogue, stronger process and proactivity that was the basis for success through Covid-19 with greater engagement and output across the organisation. 

  • Director HR, Online Retailer – transitioning from regional to global role with complex reporting and stakeholder needs. Clarified the key relationships and shift in approach needed, with a plan to develop them and work through the complexity.

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