What is the difference between life coaching and organisational coaching?

Firstly, the organisational coach is coaching their counterpart within the entire organisational context. We teach our coaches how to consider the entire landscape within which their client exists; including organisational systems, culture and politics.   Another key difference is that of relationship. In life coaching the relationship tends to be two way; between the coach and the counterpart. This makes for a straightforward relationship and invariably the counterpart is paying their own coaching bill. With organisational coaching the person being coached is usually not paying for the coaching themselves and so this immediately introduces complexity into the relationship, which is (at least) a three-way relationship; between the coach, the counterpart, and the organisational sponsor. The presence of this third party introduces complex issues of confidentiality and ethics and requires the coach to be more mindful of the boundaries involved. Having said this, both life coaches and organisational coaches use similar skills. If you train as an organisational coach you can use those skills to coach just about anybody.