Lori Vanston

Working with Board members and CEOs, through to Senior Executives and first time leaders, Lori works across all industry sectors, from large Globals, ASX listed, to SME's and all levels of Government.


Areas of Expertise


  • Transformational leadership coaching
  • C-suite potential realisation
  • Debriefing feedback tools
  • Performance management
  • Workplace mediation & conflict management
  • Career transition coaching   




Working with Board members and CEOs, through to Senior Executives and first time leaders, Lori works across all industry sectors, from large Globals, ASX listed, to SME's, Not-for-Profits and all levels of Government. Lori has long trusting relationships with many organisations.


Business Background and Experience


Lori has enjoyed senior executive roles in people management and learning in General Motors Holden, Colonial Mutual, Colonial State Bank, Colonial, and BMW Australia. Working with the CEO & Executive Team in each case she led significant cultural change and structural reshaping of internal functions and national sales and training groups.


Lori has a keen understanding of how to match commercial imperatives with employee engagement to achieve high functioning teams. Whether at the Board table, shop floor or in an Executive strategy think tank, Lori has worked in these high pressure, challenging and stretch environments, where budget realities must facilitate desired organisational directions.




Known as direct, pragmatic, challenging, compassionate and enthusiastic, Lori is called to work alongside the highest potentials as often as she is called to work with those whose lack of self-awareness is holding them back. All her work relates to the deeper understanding of each individual client's desired personal impact and growing their most effective professional style.


Lori demonstrates confidentiality and integrity in abundance as she supports her client's journey towards greater understanding of who they are and who they wish / need to become at work, such that the refocused individual is clear and confident about how they can be their most effective self.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Certified Organisational Coach, L1 & L2, IECL;
  • Education: BA (Psychology); Dip (Education); Accredited Mediator " specialist in Workplace conflict " Associate of  LeadR-IAMA
  • Diagnostics: LSI 1 & 2, LI, GSI, Hogan's HPI, HDS, MVPI & Behaviour 360, NLP accred"d


Recent Client Engagements


  • Senior Engineer " Global Mining Giant " assist with managing stress emotions and anxiety around contraction in industry, global market & loss of key technical expertise in team
  • Senior International Banking Executive negotiating key state government infrastructure deals who needs to spend more time mentoring and developing his team, better manage his 24/7 work life & stand back and up into the strategic "let go" space  
  • New MD of large leading Nat"l Commercial property management  firm " need to let go former role by recruiting replacement and grow company leadership skills
  • Emergency Services Commissioner, State Dept. " coached client with supporting cultural awareness, leadership style development to grow more influential & collaborative relationship
  • Partner, Top Tier Global Services Firm " coached client through successful second partnership bid and developing more appropriate & influential relationships with colleagues & clients.
  • Director, Strategic Policy & Earth Resources, State Dept. " assisted client in developing greater influence, managing a change process and growing broader knowledge base and own brand impact
  • CEO, Global Building Organisation " coached client on leadership style, conflict management, and team performance development.