John Roberts

As an Executive Coach and Mentor, John assists clients in developing their leadership skills, balancing the needs of both people and task management.


Areas of Expertise


  • Moving from technical to strategic leadership
  • Leadership coaching
  • Strategy execution
  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Conflict management




As an Executive Coach and Mentor, John assists clients in developing their leadership skills, balancing the needs of both people and task management. Clients have worked on effective delegation and motivation, managing team accountabilities, strategies for communicating feedback to team members and generating realistic plans.


Business Background and Experience


Prior to working as a coach, John spent 20 years in management positions across industries including high-tech and telecommunications. As Head of Product Strategy for Avaya Asia Pacific, he led a multi-cultural team across Asia, managing the product strategy for the region.


In his role as Head of Program Management for Avaya, John developed a high performing team of Project Managers across the UK, US and Germany, increasing on time delivery of projects from 25% to 90%. John also led change management projects including delivering a new resource management process. John has also held management positions in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Business Operations across blue-chip organisations.


Outside of coaching, John also teaches Strategic Thinking for a MBA program which allows him to bring strategic thinking tools to his coaching.




John works closely with his clients at the start of the coaching engagement to determine the style and approach that is going to work best for the individual and the organisation. John assists clients to set challenging goals for the coaching and puts in review mechanisms to assess progress.


Clients appreciate John's focus on achieving their goals but also the flexibility to take the coaching where the client needs it to go along the journey.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)
  • Certified Organisational Coach, Level Two, IECL
  • Education: MBA; B (English, Hons); Chartered Engineer
  • Diagnostics: LSI, Hogan, Q12 assessments


Recent Client Engagements


  • Sales Director, Entertainment " Coached client in developing gravitas amongst peers and executive team.
  • General Manager, ¬†Financial Services " Coached client in developing confidence to develop and execute business development plans
  • Capital Projects Manager, Energy " Coached client to move away from a micro-management to a more empowering and approachable leadership style.
  • Business Unit Manager, Engineering " Coached client to restructure his team and build engagement within his 100+ person organisation.
  • HR Manager, Utilities " Coached client in developing confidence in achieving through others
  • Business Manager, Utilities " Coached client to develop a new approach to his communication style.
  • Infrastructure Planning Manager, Infrastructure - Coached client to manage his direct style and find alternative approaches to bring senior stakeholders on the journey.
  • Environmental Manager, Infrastructure - Coached client to build relationships with senior leaders to enable influencing and build brand perception.