Elinor Crossing

Elinor is a skilled change leader experienced in creating high performing organisational cultures; developing, implementing and managing culture change initiatives and improving leadership effectiveness.


Areas of Expertise


  • Culture change
  • Coaching, mentoring and facilitation
  • Management consulting
  • Leadership development
  • Values based leadership
  • Talent and stakeholder management




Elinor is a highly skilled and seasoned change leader experienced in creating high performance organisational cultures; developing, implementing and managing culture change initiatives and improving the leadership effectiveness of senior executives. Elinor coaches senior executives, teams and managers at all levels to support their development whilst being linked to the performance of the organisation.


Business Background and Experience


Elinor has over 30 years of organisational experience in both public and private sector organisations. She is known for her innovative leadership development programs (including values based leadership) that are linked to and drive strategy and particularly culture change. A common feature in her roles is her ability to work as a "Trusted Advisor" to Chief Executives and their Senior Management Teams as well as all those in leadership positions throughout the organisation.  


She has worked in a variety of multi-national organisations, including fast moving consumer goods, technology, financial services, and in the public sector, transport and infrastructure. She has served on numerous Government Boards and Committees and University Advisory Committees in the field of education and training. Elinor also held the position of Principal Advisor, The Leadership Practice at RMS for 8 years where she established and ran leadership for all levels of the organisation. As well, she was the Stream Leader for Leadership and Values in the Customer Focus Program and responsible for the roll out of the Key Behaviours Program to 2,500 employees.




Elinor is passionate about assisting people to reach their potential in all walks of life. She tailors her coaching process to developing and aligning leadership and organisational focus, capability and culture with strategic business objectives. The result of this approach means that there is a positive impact for individuals, teams and the organisation.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, Level Three, IECL, Immunity to Change Facilitator
  • Education: Master of Education, Diploma in Criminology, Bachelor of Arts
  • Diagnostics: Genos (EI), Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Team Management Index (TMI), The Leadership Circle (TLC)
  • Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors; past membership of a variety of Federal and State Government Boards and Committees on Education and Training; inaugural Board Member of the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board; Member of Standards Australia Coaching Guideline Working Party; Member of the United Nations Development Fund for Women


Recent Client Engagements


  • COO, publicly listed company " coached to develop skills and confidence to manage their team.  
  • Coached a Senior Manager, Not-for-Profit  to shift towards a more collaborative and holistic approach.
  • Facilitated and team coaching of an Executive Team of a major international property group on leadership and strategy.
  • Coached an Executive Team, Scientific Environmental Manufacturer to be adaptive and sustainable in a highly competitive environment.
  • Internal coach to various Senior Managers, Public Sector  to understand the impact of their leadership style, and to learn how to develop and lead their teams.  
  • Coached and supported 8 senior managers, NSW Government with the leadership diagnostic, LSI
  • Group Coaching with the senior team of a Manufacturer on culture change
  • Conducting a culture transformation program with a Government Business Enterprise