Chris Bruce

Chris became a professional coach and mentor in 2008 and has coached executives including CEOs, Professional Partners, Business Entrepreneurs and Owners, and Senior Leaders in Govt Departments.


Areas of Expertise


  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
  • High potentials
  • Self-awareness, emotional and connected intelligence " cross-cultural and fit differences
  • C-suite transition
  • Career clarification and transition




Chris became a professional coach and mentor in 2008 and has coached executives including CEOs, CEOs" direct reports, Professional Partners, Business Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Senior Leaders in Government Departments.  He does not lead the business or group to the answer that he thinks is best, he makes it easier for the group to arrive at its own answer, decision or outcome. 


With more than 30 years experience within many corporations Chris has participated, driven and facilitated strategy formulation, no matter at Board, C-Suite or at Management levels.  Chris is always well researched, engaging and encourages conversation, knowledge share and idea generation, ensuring dominance is avoided and the floor is a respected and a collaborative place where time is used productively, being always focused and outcomes driven.


Business Background and Experience


Chris's 40 years of commercial experiences include a Non-Executive Directorship, Executive Directorships, a Managing Directorship and numerous executive and general management appointments in the Financial Services Industry. He has also owned three businesses.  Through his coaching activities, Chris is constantly at the leading edge of people, career and business challenges.




All of Chris's coaching engagements are confidential and evidence based. Each will result in a voluntary sustainable behavioural change, which more often than not leads to a step-up. Chris adopts a direct technique which allows his coaching counterpart to fully appraise where she or he stands, whatever the situation, and then are given support to take affirmative action. Chris challenges and is not fazed by strong or withdrawn personalities, in fact self-awareness is where most of his coaching journey's start.


Chris draws on multi-disciplinary foundations from Adult and Transformational Learning, Humanistic Psychology, Strength-based Approaches, Leadership and Management Theories. The strength based approach enables counterparts to identify and employ their strengths to work through any interference that restricts the expression of their full potential.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, Level Three, IECL;
  • Diagnostics: SHL/OPQ and Hogan Inventories; The Birkman Instrument
  • Memberships: Career Development Association of Australia


Recent Client Engagements


  • Managing Director, Banking " coached client to build emotional intelligence skills to maximise personal and team productivity.
  • Sales Director, Multinational " coached client to build internal profile and prepare for promotion to CEO.
  • Senior Executive, University - coached client of Indian descent who was experiencing confidence and communication difficulties with her staff and peers due to cultural issues.
  • Senior Executive, Insurance " coached client lacking sufficient self-awareness and uncomfortable with the Australian culture, facing challenges in gaining greater productivity out of his team and needing to take a stronger stance to win the support of his peers.
  • General Manager Operations and Services, International Utility Company- Coached to raise personal brand and profile, to be more outspoken, to communicate in a clearer fashion, to be better prepared, to build presence and gravitas, all in preparation for him to become the CEO.
  • Project Director " Business Transformation " International Utility Company (different Company from the above) " Coached successfully to erase self-doubt, to make quick rational decisions, to take risk and apply risk principles, to provide better detail, and improve self-awareness.