Reflections of a participant in Level One Organisational Coach Training " Part 3

Jane Faure-Brac is a broadcast journalist, formerly at the BBC, and now living and working in Canberra, Australia. Jane is also a recent graduate of IECL’s Coach Training, Level One course, and being a journalist, Jane wanted to share her journey in undertaking the course. The following is part three of three blogs. We hope you find them just as insightful and enjoyable as we did.

Day Three: The Real Stuff

The final day of the course sunk us deep into the business of coaching. The hard stuff, ‘The Real Stuff’; what it means to be a coach, what you often come up against and how to deal with it.

Day Three looked at ethics and mental health ” both of which we were advised would rear their heads in coaching ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. We examined dilemmas and how to approach them and the tip-off signs for depression and other mental health issues. The session on ‘difficult behaviours’ was very illuminating. We”ve all come up against certain ‘types’ in our lives or workplaces and IECL looks at their characteristics, what motivates them and strategies for working with them.

We finished up the day ” and the course ” practicing IECL’s flagship method: STRENGTH-BASED COACHING: I absolutely love this approach because I found it really put people into a positive learning space and their engagement increased immediately. It also gave an extra boost to the person’s well being as they positively attacked their problems. And the very nature of the process seems to provide so many more access points for solutions. I’ve been inspired to use this approach in my coaching. I”d love to tell you more, but it would be better if you learnt it yourself by attending Level One!

With the three classroom days completed, the course moved back online and into more coaching practice and a written reflection to attain IECL certification.

IECL also provided me with a whole lot of resources around how to start out as a coach, such as coaching contracts and sample proposals for coaching. I am now a certified coach and it feels great! On top of that, I am now part of the coaching community; a supporting, supportive network dedicated to helping people thrive and achieve great outcomes. I can’t wait to work with my first client.


Jane Faure-Brac, journalist and IECL level one coach.

This is part three of a three part blog series. We hope that you enjoyed part three of Jane’s journey to becoming a Level 1 coach through IECL. If you missed the first two blogs of Jane’s coaching journey, you can read parts one and two. Enjoy!