Meet IECL Alumni Member, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant…Claudia Lantos

 “People’s personal and professional growth will continue to inspire and motivate me in the coaching space. Witnessing growth for the people I work with (both my own team and support network and my clients) still gives me much fulfillment and I learn a lot from all of them. The realisation that one should never stop learning and be the best you can be and offer the best in class coaching, requires continuous development, both personally and professionally. I have a growth mindset and a keen interest in what my peers share in knowledge within the Alumni group, or on LinkedIn, and I love TED talks, to keep mixing up my learnings with real life practices.”
– Claudia Lantos

We shine the spotlight on IECL Alumni member Claudia Lantos, where she shares her inspirations and motivations as an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant. Claudia talks about her key learnings so far in her coaching journey and provides sound advice for others wishing to take the same coaching path as her.