Our Open Day Agenda

What is coaching?

With Renee Holder

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Setting the scene for our Open Day, this session will look at ‘what is organisational coaching?’. We will be sharing the IECL definition and framing around this growing industry as well as evidence around the value and benefits of organisational coaching and applied coaching approaches.

Applied coaching
in action

With Charity Becker

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What happens when you mix the best learning from coaching with the best of technology? Often even the best designed and delivered learning solutions get stuck in the classroom bubble. IECL’s Charity Becker will share how we are partnering with qChange to create sustainable behavioural change, bring the classroom into the world and have our clients walk away with a “coach on their shoulder”, as a reminder of their commitments, generating genuine world class results.

Finding and working
with a coach

With Toni Butler

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Coaching is not yet a regulated industry. Anyone can claim to be a coach without recourse. In this crowded marketplace, how do you know to identify and select coaches fit for purpose? How do you ensure a strong return on investment? What contractual and ethical issues do you need to be prepared for? And how can organisations better manage coaching relationships for their leaders and teams? Meet some of IECL’s client organisations; hear first hand their mistakes and lessons learned as they discuss this topic with IECL’s Director of Coaching, Toni Butler.

Becoming a Coach;
what does it take?

With Renee Holder & Mandy Geddes

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If you are considering becoming a coach, the good news is that anyone can learn! In this session we look at the qualities and characteristics of great coaches, coach training options, and the importance of practice and continuous development. We will hear from some of our Alumni who have built thriving coaching businesses.

Meet our faculty

With John Raymond

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Many of our Alumni will agree that it’s our Faculty that really make IECL programs world class. Join this session to meet the Faculty for a Q&A to get to know our coach trainers, share in their experience and what they bring to the IECL “world class”.

At our Open Day, attendees had the ability to experience various IECL Faculty, learn more about IECL support beyond the classroom and further on the various pathways to coach credentials with ICF.