Tailored Leadership Development  

Improve leadership effectiveness for sustained business outcomes with a leadership journey tailored to your organisation.

We customise leadership development to suit your organisation’s business imperatives and strategic objectives. Likewise, our flexible approach meets the needs of all leadership and capability levels.


The process begins with research to understand your organisation, its business drivers and leaders including a discussion to prioritise needs, uncover strengths and analyse gaps. This key stage informs the design of a tailored leadership journey specific to your organisation, as well as the outcomes required and can be mapped against your leadership capability framework. All research and design is conducted in collaboration with client to ensure delivery to expectations and agreed goals. The solution may draw upon a range of diagnostics and assessments for insight including 360° feedback instruments.


Embedding, measurement and evaluation are vital components of all programs and are well defined during the design process. Highly experiential workshops are supported throughout by a range of embedding mechanisms such as individual or group coaching, action learning sessions and engagement with the participating Leaders” Manager.


Core learning components often include but are not limited to:


– Self awareness

– Leading self

– Leading others

– Leading teams

– Effective communication

– Transactional to transformational leadership

– Leading through change

– Collaboration and influence

– Building your personal brand and presentation skills

– Storytelling

– Emotional and social intelligence

– Resilience, stress reduction and maintaining mindfulness.

Case Study: Tailored Leadership Development

Building leadership capability around the Asia Pacific region at an international financial services organisation

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