Tap into your organisation’s wisdom and expertise and support your organisation’s talent through a well constructed mentoring program.

Mentoring in business leverages existing knowledge and expertise in an organisation to develop, engage and optimise the performance of employees. Mentors typically assume the role of a wise adviser or sounding board. Although mentors are not usually responsible for an individual’s performance, through experience, they can:


– Help fast track the mentee’s learning.

– Provide valuable insights to mentees.

– Offer support to mentees.

– Ensure common pitfalls are avoided.


In most companies, mentoring relationships are unstructured and can quickly lose focus and momentum. For this reason, many mentoring programs fail to achieve the desired outcomes.


With our training, mentors and mentees learn not only how to sustain the mentoring relationship to meet organisational expectations, but also how to build a culture of openness, reflection and willingness to share experiences with colleagues.


In addition, we provide expert mentors to suit all requirements. Through a careful matching process our experienced mentors will assist you as you deal with your everyday challenges and strategically navigate your career path.

Blog: The talent retention journey: coaching vs mentoring   

By Julie Parkinson, Director

Video: Coaching vs Mentoring

Master Coach and Director, Chip McFarlane clarifies some of the key differences between coaching and mentoring

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