Performance Conversation Skills

Meaningful and productive performance conversations at a State Government-owned Organisation

The Challenge


Our client identified an opportunity for their managers to have meaningful, productive and outcome focused Performance Conversations with their staff. It was seen that many of the people managers were time poor, project driven engineers, whom had little experience in leading people and varied development in people skills. They found that many did not set clear objectives and goals, were not able to have the difficult conversations when required and in some instances avoided the process altogether.


The Solution


IECL worked with HR and Senior Management to develop a “Performance Conversations” program that specifically targeted the skills gaps in setting and measuring KPI’s/ goals, provided a framework to support Performance Conversations and instilled confidence in the mangers to have these conversations. In addition, it helped the managers to see the value in having Performance Conversations and setting goals, rather than see them as a necessary chore.


After the successful development and piloting of the program, 11 two-day workshops were then delivered to 165 people managers over 4 months.


The Results


People Managers developed the skills, confidence and desire to have Performance Conversations and set measurable goals. More importantly, People Managers returning to the follow up 2 hour Action Learning Sessions, reported that they were not only using the newly acquired skills to have more meaningful and productive Performance Conversations, they were also using the skills and models in their everyday conversations and interactions with their staff, peers and other stakeholders.


Three Key Stats


– 165 People Managers
– 4 months
– 11 workshops