A Coaching Culture for Improved Engagement

Increasing engagement and boosting productivity at an International Bank

The Challenge


In a difficult time in the banking industry, our client found it challenging to keep staff engaged, precisely at a time when engagement was seen to be a critical factor in the bank’s ongoing success.


The bank identified the challenge and planned to address it by increasing leadership capability through developing coaching skills and embedding a coaching culture ” a proven way to have a positive impact on achieving goals, improving performance, building resilience and engaging teams.


The Solution


The IECL designed and delivered a comprehensive and achievable “Coaching Skills for People Leaders” initiative including:

1) Fact find phase to fully understand the bank’s culture: briefs, interviews and pilot program.
2) Promoting pre- and post- workshop conversations between participants and their managers ” critical to embed the learning.
3) One day intensive course delivered to General Managers across the globe ” designed using generative learning principles and tailored to our client’s intense and dynamic environment.
4) Executive support for the program demonstrated by a senior leader opening all workshops.
5) 3 month survey to monitor the transfer of coaching skills learnt in the workshop to coaching behaviours demonstrated in the workplace as well as the impact of coaching on the business.


Program was delivered 27 times to more than 270 leaders over a 6 month period in 10 locations.


The Results


The impact of the “Coaching Skills for People Leaders” initiative was felt throughout the bank with overwhelmingly positive feedback from New York to Sydney.


Confidence around coaching approaches to leadership conversations improved as a result of this initiative. 96% of participants reported that the program improved their confidence to be an effective coach.


In Numbers

– 270 Leaders
– 10 International locations
– Program delivered 27 times


Results: Self evaluation of skills and confidence before and after

– 9% increase in overall staff engagement
– 10% increase in leaders coaching
– 18.6% increase in leaders” confidence to coach
– 25.1% increase in leaders” coaching skills


Feedback from program participants

– 96% reported that the program improved their confidence to be an effective coach.
– 97% “strongly agreed” or “agreed”: immediately able to apply learning in my role.
– 96% “strongly agreed” or “agreed”: workshop was relevant to the challenges of their role.
– 98%: anticipated positive results and would highly recommend the program to peers.