True leadership is determined by effective communication between leaders and their employees.
We develop the skills within your people to ensure productive communication and quality relationships between leaders, teams and individuals.



95% of a company’s employees are unaware of or do not understand its strategy



75% of people don’t quit their job, they quit their boss.



65% of top teams cite lack of trust as a significant issue.

Our approach to developing and implementing solutions

We involve a number of journey points in order to directly address the needs and issues in your organisation’s specific context and ensure you achieve your stated objectives and outcomes. These are outlined in the following diagram.

IECL's Partnership Approach PARTNERSHIPAPPROACH QUALITATIVE APPROACH TO EVALUATION USING:Kirkpatricks ‘Levels of Training Evaluation’ frameworkLevel 1: Engagement, relevance & satisfactionLevel 2: Knowledge, skills, confidence & commitmentLevel 3: On the job applicationLevel 4: Predictive results & targeted outcomes• Next steps & recommendations DEBRIEF D E B R I E F DELIVER D E L I V E R DEVELOP COLLABORATIVE APPROACH TO DESIGN:Concept design (based on outputs of ‘Discover’)• Develop learning content and process• Define and agree project plan and responsibilities• Client feedback to refine and sign off learning journey• Pilot (where applicable) D E V E L O P CONSULTATIVE APPROACH TO EXAMINE THE BRIEF:• Organisational context• Current state - ‘Whole System’ lens• Desired outcomes• Measures of successParameters DISCOVER D I S C O V E R IECL's Partnership Approach PARTNERSHIPAPPROACH D I S C O V E R D E V E L O P D E L I V E R D E B R I E F

Our expertise

Our experienced Subject Matter Experts and Client Relationship Team have the experience to develop a plan
for any business solution, drawing from a range of skills and proven techniques.

Tailored leadership development

Developing high performing leadership teams

Effective workplace conversations

Building coaching skills

Executive coaching

Emotional and social intelligence

Facilitating strategy meetings and offsites

Building a coaching culture

Mindfulness in leadership


Our unique advantage



To ensure that you get your desired outcomes we work with you to understand the challenge and shape the solution to fit your unique requirements.


Our solutions are supported by qualitative and quantitative data that provides you with the information you need to demonstrate your return on investment.


With over 100 coaches and leadership development experts we have the resources you
need to ensure we meet your project requirements, whatever the scale.


We can tailor to your global needs with reach across Australia as well as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, New Zealand,
United States, United Kingdom and Europe.
Project Support

Project Support

Our dedicated Client Relationship team ensure that your project is on track and you remain informed at every stage of your organisation’s leadership development journey.
Industry leading

Industry leading

Our programs are informed by the latest research and neuroscience, and are guided by our generative learning principles to maximise outcomes and to get the most out of your people.


We are proud to work with the world’s leading companies across a diverse set of industries.


Your dedicated team

You will be partnered with a Subject Matter Expert, a Client Development Partner and a Project Manager to devise and implement your tailored leadership development program.

Your Subject Matter Experts

We pride ourselves on the world class quality of our dedicated Delivery Team. The diverse and cross industry expertise of our Subject Matter Experts ensures that your needs are matched with a bespoke solution

Client relationship team

Throughout your organisation’s leadership development journey you will be supported by a Client Development Partner and Project Manager. They bring a wealth of consulting and project management experience in addition to a great depth of industry knowledge.

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Please contact us to find out how we can support you with your leadership and management development needs.

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