Research at the IECL is a strategic imperative, linked to our aim of supporting the ongoing development of the industry and the practice of organisational coaching across the Asia Pacific region.  IECL’s research is conducted by in-house and external experts in the fields of coaching, leadership, neuro-science, mindfulness, diversity and well-ness.

The IECL has been conducting research into coaching effectiveness since 2005 using its own custom designed Coaching Effectiveness Survey (CES). The CES is sent to all individuals after they have completed their coaching engagement with an IECL Coach.

The IECL conducts research into areas of relevance to professional coach training and the continuing professional development of coaches.This has included an action research project that developed a coaching supervision framework.

Leadership in the context of contemporary management culture is something widely talked about yet poorly understood. The current view of leadership, limited by the prevalent individualism of contemporary life, is to that of a heroic human being single-handedly overcoming adversity. But organisational leadership is more than this.

There has been much written about the value of coaching in the development of personal insight. What is also required is a cultural sensibility. A cultural sensibility is the mental and emotional understanding of, and response to, the influence of the tacit, essential ethical frames of meaning constructed by a culture that are expressed through social roles, race, class and gender differences.