IECL Academy: IECL Member Events

Upcoming Member Events 2022

To access any of these events, please register by clicking join now. You will receive monthly event guides with registration links for each event. You will also receive a log in to the IECL Member online forum with more information about member events, benefits and how to keep connected.

Event dates are subject to change. Event times are available to active members via the events calendar on IECL Academy and through dedicated membership event invitations.

November Events

  • 9 November: Live Coaching Demo with John Matthews
  • 16 November: Peer Coaching Program
  • 24 November: Unleashing Neurodivergent Minds with Danica McCarthy

December Events

  • 6 December: Live Coaching Demonstration with Renee Holder
  • 7 December: Coaching Drop In Session