From one-on-one coaching to team and group coaching, we offer end-to-end coaching services and support. We specialise in large scale coaching programs across the Asia Pacific region.

Executive coaching

Individual coaching to facilitate transformation and accelerate development. Our coaching is tailored to the individual’s situation and needs, examples of our different coaching approaches include:

  • Transition coaching: We work with leaders who are new to a role, geography, organisation or all three.
  • Career coaching: Successful organisations ensure talented individuals travel on a long and engaged journey within the organisation.
  • Technical expert to people leader: Transitioning from a technical expert to a people leader is a challenge that coaching can assist.
  • C-Suite coaching: Our coaches understand the complexities facing C-Suite Executives. Clients are challenged to gain a deep appreciation of their leadership style and are supported to make the behavioural changes needed.
  • Coaching to embed leadership programs: Coaching is an integral component of transferring the learning of a leadership program into the workplace.

  We also provide expert mentors to suit all requirements. Through a careful matching process our experienced mentors assist as you deal with everyday challenges and strategically navigate your career path.

Team Coaching

Applying coaching to a team to enable it to function as more than the sum of its parts. It is designed to build team dynamics and increase performance and effectiveness. In a competitive market, businesses cannot rely on leadership from a few peak performers. They must enlist the resources and talents of people at all levels in the organisation.   Benefits of team coaching include:

  • Improves team performance
  • Builds trust, accountability and productivity
  • Increases engagement and staff retention
  • Encourages innovation

  Team coaching works to improve performance through reflection and dialogue.

Group Coaching

Working with individuals in a group context to build group skills and accountability, and implement the practical application of learning after program completion.

Group coaching engenders greater connectivity across a business. We often hear of people “working in silos”- group coaching dissipates this practice. During group coaching participants are coached to move forward on individual objectives and share collective wisdom to support and empower their group peers.

Assessment and Debrief

Raising self-awareness for actions and change with a range of diagnostic tools.

Receiving an appraisal of yourself in the workplace environment through feedback can lead to real and lasting change. Our coaches are accredited in a wide range of diagnostic tools carefully selected to suit the needs of your business and its leaders. Coaching is a critical component to ensure individuals deploy their newfound self-awareness.

Our coaches offer a range of diagnostic tools including:

  • Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI): Specifically designed to measure both thoughts and attitudes as well as behaviours.
  • The Leadership Circle (TLC): A 360-degree feedback instrument that measures the two key components of leadership: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies.
  • Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI): A profiling tool that measures preferences in thinking. An awareness of your own preferences provides insight into how others think allowing greater synchronicity.
  • Hogan Leadership Forecast Series and Hogan Insights Series: Are comprehensive five-factor personality assessments, based upon the science of personality, and comprised of four reports, which enables a leader to better understand their identity, reputation, strengths, values, motivations, areas for development, blind spots and potential derailers.
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence (EI): Measures the behaviours underpinning and supporting extraordinary interpersonal relationships.

Our coaches are also accredited in conventional team diagnostics such as DISC, MBTI and TMI.

Coaching Supervision

Supervision is no longer a “nice to have”. It is an essential component in supporting and maintaining the excellence of your internal coaches. Our supervision sessions support reflective practice, stimulate ongoing development and critically, help coaches navigate ethical issues. They provide a safe space to explore any issues arising.

Benefit from a wealth of experience with our supervisors who are:

  • ICF credentialed
  • Each skilled with over eight years coaching experience
  • Trained in supervision
  • Engaged in supervision themselves
  • Experienced in the diversity of the corporate landscape

To find out more about a coach supervisor for yourself or your organisation, contact us at

Coaching Panel Management and Consulting

From panel consulting to panel management including coach recruitment and quality assurance, our end-to-end service sets up coaching engagements for long-term success.

We understand the critical success factors of a panel:

  • Coaches who understand the organisation’s environment and culture.
  • Flexible coaches who can provide situational coaching to suit the particular needs of individuals.
  • A structured coaching approach which involves regular and appropriate input from the manager and other key stakeholders.
  • Coaches who are trained, accredited and supervised.
  • A method of evaluating the success of coaching.
  • Coaches from an organisation with credibility and a proven track record.

Through our consultative approach we set up and manage a thriving coaching panel suited to your organisation’s needs.

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