Graduate Diploma in Organisational Coaching and Leadership

This pathway provides the opportunity to gain a recognised graduate level qualification in coaching and leadership, in partnership with Charles Sturt University.

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Graduate Diploma in partnership with Charles Sturt University

Through our association with Charles Sturt University (CSU), IECL alumni are invited to continue beyond their coach education with the goal of attaining a graduate level qualification.

CSU's Graduate Diploma of Organisational Coaching and Leadership includes four credit subjects from IECL: Organisational Coaching Levels 1 and 2 Certification, IECL’s Principles of Organisational Coaching, and IECL's Narrative Approaches to Organisational Coaching, plus four CSU subjects.

Successful completion of the Graduate Diploma provides guaranteed entry with credits into CSU's Master of Business Leadership program.


Four years, part-time—approx. (varies according to enrolment timing)


Graduate Diploma in Organisational Coaching & Leadership


For CSU subject fees visit the CSU website. Fee-paying students have the option to defer their payment using a FEE-HELP loan. IECL subject fees are payable up front through IECL. See here for more information.

Free Introductory Events

Join an introductory event to meet our faculty, learn more about coaching and leadership, and get a feel for our style of experiential adult learning.

This program is aimed at people wishing to attain a Graduate level qualification from a highly regarded university, in coaching. It provides an ideal ongoing path of study for IECL alumni who have already completed two or more IECL coach training levels and want to add further learning and recognition of their qualifications. Those just setting out on the coach training path can add in Leadership subjects from Charles Sturt University at any point, but ideally after completing IECL Coach Training Level 2 or 3.

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“We partnered with IECL on a 6 month career development program for 20 high potential employees from 9 offices across Asia Pacific. We chose IECL because of their great network of vetted coaches across the region, their client engagement and their flexibility in working with us.The feedback we received on the coaches and the overall support from IECL was excellent. We look forward to working with IECL again on the future programs and individual coaching engagements.”

Learning and Talent Management Lead, Global Engineering
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