Anita Li
Associate & IECL Faculty
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Anita has experience in developmental, performance, skills, career, and life coaching. She has coached managers and senior leaders across different industry sectors including banking, insurance, hotel, marketing communication, power supply and universities. Anita also provides counselling services to individuals to get through their life challenges.


Anita respects individual differences and embraces authentic leadership. She helps counterparts to maximise their potential, connect their values and exercise signature strength. Counterparts are empowered to dream for the future and transfer the passion into committed action plan. Anita’s focus is to draw out the best from counterparts to achieve sustainable success and have a fulfilling life.


Anita is a professional accountant. She worked for several top tier investment banks as Finance Director, China Chief Financial Officer and Country Treasurer. In her 16 years with Morgan Stanley, she led multicultural teams of 50 people to support the Asia strategic growth. Under her leadership, the teams consistently delivered high quality results and received the Bank’s CFO awards four times.


  • Developmental coaching for sustainable leadership and improved leadership impact

  • Transition coaching for leaders new to the organisation or role

  • Coaching for enhancing performance and wellbeing

  • Coaching as part of leadership development or cultural change programs


  • 700 People Managers, Banking – part of the leadership and cultural change program. Coaching fostered new corporate culture and embedded learning.

  • Group Chief Financial Officer, Fashion Retail and Distribution – senior leader facing organisational changes. Coaching helped leader to have a new vision to re-strategise and lead the team through change.

  • Deputy Director, Utilities – leader facing challenges in leading through change. Coaching helped leader see new identity and feeling empowered to bring out the changes. 

  • Chief Financial Officer, Information Technology – developmental coaching resulted in greater leadership impact and proactive engagement with senior leader. 

  • Chief Financial Officer, Marketing – leader newly promoted. Coaching resulted in successful transition and improved leadership skill. 

  • Regional Finance Director, Insurance – leader new to the country. Coaching enabled greater wellbeing, improved leadership flexibility, increased team, and stakeholder engagement. 

  • Director of Information Technology, Hotel – leader facing life challenges. Coaching helped develop stress management skill, build resilience and reignited work passion.


English Cantonese  Mandarin 

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