Tony Mathers
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Tony has worked with C-suite executives and senior divisional and functional executives in a range of industries including insurance, retail, investment banking, IT, property services, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries. He draws on his international business experience, a sharp focus on leadership, as well as over twenty years coaching 500+ senior leaders facing a range of individual challenges.


Tony tailors his approach to the individual, with counterparts reporting a transformation in their self-perception, leadership style and performance. Counterparts are challenged to gain a deep appreciation of their personal and leadership styles and the resulting impact. They are supported to have the courage and determination to make behavioural changes that will lead to sustainable effectiveness.  


Tony was the CEO of IECL from 2013 to mid-2019, stepping down to focus on coaching. His earlier career was in financial services, and he was both Head of Global FX and Money Markets and Head of Asia at a major bank. Work locations include London, Singapore, and Sydney. These businesses involved significant leadership challenges and complexity which provided Tony with a deep understanding of the circumstances that face today's leaders.


  • Behavioural change 

  • Courage/ self-confidence

  • Team and team leadership effectiveness

  • Strategic thinking

  • Strategy implementation

  • On-boarding new executives

  • Creating a high-performance culture


  • General Counsel International, Bank - developmental coaching as counterpart was new in a global role with significant scope and complexity. 

  • VP, Multinational - coaching to gain clarity on priorities, actions and communication style required to be successful in the role.

  • Country Head, Construction - coaching in support of a senior leadership program, working with a range of feedback data to enable the client’s readiness for greater responsibility.

  • Head of Operations Transformation, Bank - developmental coaching over a period as the counterpart was progressively promoted into larger and more challenging roles at a time of major change in the organisation.

  • CFO, Government - coached counterpart while undertaking a leadership program to grow into their new role and transform their leadership style to suit their role.

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