Klem Hedenig
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Klem has been successfully delivering executive, management and conflict coaching services for private sector organisations, whole of NT government and commonwealth, local government, non-government and indigenous organisations across all regions in the Northern Territory. Klem’s coaching engagements are with a range of diverse companies, across all leadership roles.


Klem prefers the holistic, empowerment and resilience approach to individual and group coaching. He uses the talents, skills and strengths of individuals to help them steer through the complexities of today’s business environment. Klem assists counterparts to align personal with organisational values to optimise achievement. Klem customises his coaching programs to fit organisational and individual needs.


Klem was employed in executive positions in the service industry in Australia and overseas, was a lecturer in management and head of department at Charles Darwin University before embarking on his coaching career in 2003.  Klem also held a position of manager of learning and development for a private organisation for 8 years. Klem always had a strong interest in developing people at any stage of their career.


Much of Klem’s coaching work is developmental. He helps counterparts to grow professionally and personally. Klem assists his counterparts to identify and remove obstacles which impede their development. He inspires counterparts to take ownership of their own change management strategy and plan.


  • CEO, Tourism – coached counterpart through organisational turmoil to restructure, rebrand and reinvigorate the organisation. Coached counterpart to manage high range stress levels in the organisation.

  • Manager, Mining – delivered developmental and change management coaching program to the executive team to assist in the restructure of the organisation. Helped the team to develop strategies to minimise resistance to change.

  • Executive, Government – designed and delivered leadership development programs followed by individual coaching for the leadership group. The focus of coaching was to move the department from a process focus to a client attentive organisation.

  • Leaders, Government – developed and delivered an internal learning framework. For two years Klem delivered over 80 coaching hours and other services throughout the NT.

  • Technical Executives, Media - delivered management and conflict coaching.

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