Karen Goldschmidt
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Karen has been coaching since 2007. She draws on her international experience, generalist human resources background, and expertise in organisational and personal transformation to drive results for her counterparts. Karen is deeply passionate about empowering and developing people.  Karen has worked with leaders and executive level directors in a range of industries including finance, insurance, technology, government, property, and health throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Karen is equally proficient coaching face-to-face or virtually.    


Karen takes a whole systems and strength-based approach to coaching. Through her coaching, counterparts are encouraged to build awareness around their leadership style and gain insights into personal strengths as well as potential barriers to success. Through supportive and challenging dialogue, counterparts are empowered to make courageous choices and find the determination to bring them to fruition.  



Karen has a strong business development and leadership background having held management and director positions in Hong Kong. She was employed as a strategic business partner focusing on organisational development for a major financial institution based in Sydney. These roles required challenging leadership styles and driving engagement to deliver on major transformational change. 


  • Executive Coaching for improved leadership effectiveness

  • Coaching for improved self-awareness and uplift in EQ 

  • Transition coaching through restructure, new role, or other change

  • Leadership development coaching – including 360 debriefs and embedment of new learning 


  • Executive Team, Finance – coached the executives around 360 feedback and leadership behaviours, to build stronger teamwork at the executive level and develop a results-driven and people-orientated company culture. 

  • Director Level, Government – coached leaders in NSW Government as part of the NSW Leadership Academy, focusing on individual leadership development.  

  • Senior Leader, Finance – leader transitioning into a new role. Coaching focused on personal brand and first 90 days in role. Outcome was a successful transition, set up of new team and building of strong relationships.  

  • HR Director, Government – coaching focused on leadership style and interpersonal skills to successfully restructure team, shape the organisation’s culture, and deliver on strategic objectives.  

  • Mid-level Leader, Insurance – coaching focused on mindset and life balance to increase wellbeing and manage stress more appropriately.

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