John Roberts
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Counterparts select to work with John for his expertise in working with managers and leaders who come from a subject matter expertise background across all industries and are looking to be more strategic in their approach to leadership. He has a strong focus on stakeholder engagement and management. John made his own transition from engineer to leader during his 20-year corporate career.


John looks to build a trusting environment for counterparts to reflect on their goals and leadership style. He introduces models and frameworks to challenge thinking, drive new insight, motivation and commitment to action.


John has over 25 years’ experience including senior management positions across industries including technology, telecommunications and manufacturing. As Head of Product Strategy for Avaya Asia Pacific, he led a multi-cultural commercial team across Asia. Earlier, he was Head of Project Management. John developed a high performing team of project managers across the UK, US and Germany, increasing on time delivery of projects from 25% to 90%.


  • Strategic thinking

  • Workload management and delegation

  • Understanding and working with your authentic leadership style

  • Stakeholder management

  • Transitioning from subject matter expert to leader


  • Sales Director, Entertainment - coached counterpart in developing gravitas amongst peers and executive team. 

  • General Manager, Financial Services – coached counterpart in developing confidence to develop and execute business development plans.  

  • Division Director, Financial Services – coached counterpart to lead his team authentically to manage heavy workload.

  • CFO, FMCG – coached counterpart to hold stakeholders to account and build confidence in communication and decision making.

  • Capital Projects Manager, Energy - coached counterpart to move away from a micro-management to a more empowering and approachable leadership style. 

  • Business Unit Manager, Engineering - coached counterpart through restructure of team and building engagement within the organisation

  • HR Manager, Utilities - coached counterpart in developing confidence in achieving through others.

  • Infrastructure Planning Manager, Infrastructure - coached counterpart to manage his direct style and find alternative approaches to bring senior stakeholders on the journey. 

  • Environmental Manager, Infrastructure - coached counterpart to build relationships with senior leaders to enable influencing and build brand perception.

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