Drew McHugh
Associate & IECL Faculty
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Drew is highly experienced in working with all levels of leadership and all leadership challenges and delivers coaching sessions in all key modes, including face to face and virtually. Drew’s coaching engagements are one-on-one, group or with teams when coaching C-suite and executives. 


Drew believes that effective and successful coaching engagements must be both pragmatic and strategic and brings a relaxed but challenging approach to his coaching engagements. Drew’s work is based on partnering closely with his counterparts to clearly identify both the current and desired state of their leadership and impact, in order to best design, and then navigate a tailored change course.  


Drew brings a highly successful executive coaching and consulting background working with corporate and not-for-profit enterprises including financial services, higher education, and infrastructure services, pharmaceutical and sporting associations. Drew’s experience enables him to quickly develop a deep and practical understanding of the challenges and opportunities for both the counterpart and organisation.


  • Developmental coaching for leaders facing large and complex transformation challenges 

  • Coaching as part of leadership development programs 

  • Transition coaching for those new to organisations or roles 

  • Career mapping and transitions

  • Coaching for presence and voice development 

  • Coaching for those challenged by the move from individual contributor to leader/manager 

  • Strategic coaching for those consumed by operational tasks


  • Educator, Banking - coached across many management levels to develop a high level of ethical literacy, such to improve increased sound decision making, and support and protect multiple stakeholders.

  • Consultant, Banking - executive and group coaching to build sound, sustained sales and business development practices post global financial crisis. Engagement lifted material business growth, balanced with strong risk management.

  • Executive Team, University - coached each member of the executive team (10 members) and then collectively, assisted in building a unified approach to supporting the execution of the school’s three-year strategy. University is now the largest and most profitable school in the college.

  • General Manager, Banking – coached general manager and direct reports through interventions over a 24-month period, transitioning business through post-global financial crisis challenges and back to achieving business targets.

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