Chris Bruce
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Chris became a professional coach in 2008 and has coached executives including CEOs, CEOs’ direct reports, professional partners, business entrepreneurs, business owners and senior leaders in corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations. His modes of coaching include face-to-face, phone and virtual. He has coached in a wide range of industries, including engineering, financial services, utilities, petroleum, pharmaceutical, construction, finance, hospitality, sustainability, IT, defence, real estate, waste management, manufacturing, retail, legal, regulators, local, state, and federal government.



Chris’ Australian and international coaching engagements are evidence based. Each engagement results in sustainable behavioural change, which often leads to career advancement. Chris adopts a direct technique which allows his coaching counterpart to fully appraise where they stand, whatever the situation and then are given support to take affirmative action, through a style which combines coaching and mentoring. Chris challenges and is not fazed by strong or withdrawn personalities; in fact, self-awareness is where most of his coaching journeys start.


Chris’ 40 years of commercial experience in Australia and overseas includes non-executive directorships, executive directorships, a managing directorship and numerous executive and general management appointments in the financial services industry. He has also owned three businesses. Through his coaching, professional development and supervision activities, Chris is constantly at the leading edge of people issues, leadership, career and business change and challenges.


  • Developmental coaching for sustainable leadership development and improved leadership impact

  • Coaching and developing high potentials

  • Self-awareness, emotional and connected intelligence – cross-cultural and fit differences

  • Transition coaching for leaders new to the role or organisation

  • Career clarification and transition


  • Head of Engineering, Asia Pac – coaching to address overly direct communication methods with peers and stakeholders. Over a twelve-month period, a change in approach created a significant improvement in counterparts’ relationships.

  • CEO, Financial Services – highly operational, coached to build emotional intelligence skills to maximise personal and team productivity, resulting in a complete shift of time usage and behavioural change in the now.

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