Barbara Harrison
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Barbara offers transformational coaching to leaders and organisations ranging from start-ups to multinational organisations and government. Barbara works with leaders and top-teams dealing with change, growth and re-sizing. As a coach, Barbara helps counterparts be the best that they can be, increase their adaptability, collaboration and innovate. Barbara has a broad range of coaching experience in financial services, law, insurance, telecommunications, government, manufacturing and engineering.


Using her organisational psychological background to support and challenge, Barbara guides her counterpart’s self-realisation and commitment to make necessary and ultimately highly satisfying personal change. Barbara includes her own relevant observations, plus psychometric tools and viewpoints gathered from many luminary sources. This stimulates new understandings, possibilities and a readiness to do something new and different.  Her counterparts find an invigorating platform for growth.   


Barbara’s business career includes seven years spent as the proprietor and director of a manufacturing business. Her business acumen benefits leaders dealing with issues relating to strategy, people development, organisational performance, workforce engagement and sustainable company growth. Holding a very strong set of professional values herself, Barbara also offers insights into the values and actions that create high performing and customer-oriented cultures.


  • Executive coaching 

  • Executive-turnaround 

  • Top team coaching (as an executive team)

  • Exploring the shadows

  • Human centred co-design and innovation

  • Conflict resolution, mediation and inclusion 

  • Leader As Coach (group training for leaders in how to coach)


  • MD & Director, Multinational organisation - coached to create a strong, cohesive top-team who lifted strategic performance while delivering strongly improved business results. 

  • Executive Director, Government - coached to develop better social and engagement skills; broke down siloed and partisan attitudes that had been badly impacting performance. 

  • Partner, Law Firm - coaching created successful strategies and timelines for building internal networks and resourcing. Swifter revenue generation followed. 

  • Director, NSW Government - coaching achieved improvements in managing change, personal resilience and growth, political savvy and building stronger teams.

NSW Government - leading in a Covid -19 business environment; how to lead virtually; how to set direction; establishing the right level of communication and feedback within virtual teams and with peers.  

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